Week in Review #6

Phew!  Usually I’m sitting down to write this after a morning of dyeing, but alas, the holidays are upon us, and it was time to scrub up the house for visitors.  Sigh…if only cleaning were evenly remotely as fun as knitting.  But here we are, finally, with another packed week in review!



Monday – from 12 clockwise, a “wren-o-vated” skirt, Petrouchka socks in Wildfoote, shawl in…? Alicat handspun, hat in reclaimed cashmere…due for its debut soon, Lucky Cowl, Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, a freshly Cast-on Underground Magic in Birch Pagoda, all on a bed of a gorgeous crochet shawl in Goldenrod Pagoda.


Thursday (new phone….more colorful pic, eh??) – from 12 clockwise, sleeves of the fabulous orange sweater, Lucky Cowl, Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda, gosh I can’t remember what was getting cast-on on those dpn’s, but it looks great, Poncho in Sedona, newly CO Underground Magic in Gatsby Pagoda, a Combo/Funky Venetian Blind that got CO because I was cold, (blue center) Aryia sweater in Reclaimed Cashmere, all on a bed of a Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda.

FINISHED – get a load of this parade of finishers!


Karen finished a Venetian Blind.  No idea what yarn, but she used almost 3 times what the pattern calls for to make it awesome!


Carol Anne finished her Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda.  Didn’t it come out great??  She thought she couldn’t do….and boy, was she wrong!  :)


Maureen finished this adorable Baby Sophisticate in Island Yarn Blackwater in Tea Rose and Ella Rae Classic.  What a lucky baby!!


Lisa finished (so very quickly!) this gorgeous cowl using one strand of Combo Fibers and one strand of Herriot Great.  It was as soft as it is beautiful!


Gail was our first one to finish Underground Magic!  She used Eddie B Pagoda and I think haven’t seen her without this on since it came off the needles.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Deedee finished off her delicious Lucky Cowl!  See that smile….she’s wearing cashmere!  ;)  Wonderful job!


Wren also finished off her (first) Lucky Cowl….it was almost as if she dressed to finish and wear?!  Doesn’t she look great?!



Don’t Blink Kits just became available!  Don’t miss them….they are a great, easy, quick-to-knit gift!


There are still some Lucky Cowl Kits, but the numbers are starting to dwindle.  I’m trying to make more for December, but I never know what happens to time in December, so no promises!  Better scoop if you’ve been pondering!  :)


Tonight (Sunday) is the last night to get the Underground Magic pattern for free.  Download it now!  Tomorrow it will be only $4, but why miss out on free?


Yes, we will be closed on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.  Enjoy your family and friends and Happy Thanksgiving!

On Friday and Saturday, we will be open regular hours (12-5), but have some little rewards to thank you for shopping small and local this holiday season!

Cider and cookies!  Come have a snack, knit a row, take a breather from the houseful!

Delight your hands – get a free handmade lotion bar with purchase of a Lucky Cowl Kit.  It gets dry this time of year, let’s keep our hands happy with cocoa butter and cashmere!  (It’s also a great stocking stuffer if it isn’t up your alley.)

Free Books – I may have scored some really nice books.  And it seems, I just may want to give you one of those when you spend $40 or more (one per person…while supplies last).

Get a jump on the gifting! – Buy a $50 or more giftcard and get a $5 reward (you can add it to the giftcard, or take a credit for yourself!) and get a free holiday card to tuck it inside.


Our charity auction went great last week!  Thank you to everyone who bid and especially to Gail who won and already made her generous contribution to Doctor’s without Borders!  We’re going to have another one….but it’s wet and needs buttons, so I think it will go up Tuesday.  Stay tuned – I’ll edit this post to include a link once it is ready.


I got so befuddled with all the Underground Magic fun last week, I forgot to post a poll!  Oooops!  In our previous poll, the monogamous knitters stayed very, very quiet, with the large majority of you saying you had loads of stuff on the needles.  Knitters after my own heart.  ;)



I’m staying under here until the enemy of my people is gone (the vacuum is trying to not be hurt).







Week in Review #5

Boy, do I have some fun stuff for you guys this week!  Better get right to it!



Monday!  From 12 o’clock, a newly cast on hat in Juniper Moon Moonshine, a test run in something you’ll see later in Island Yarn Siam, a shawl that became a cowl in Alicat Handspun, and a Retroactive Cowl in Juniper Moon Herriot Great, all on a background of a gorgeous goldenrod Pagoda and red crochet shawl.  Fabulous projects in all the stages!


Thursday!  From 12 o’clock, a poncho from Tahki Sedona that quickly became a different poncho in Tahki Sedona, Harlequin Pagoda that you’ll see later in the post, an almost finished cowl from Ella Rae Jaspe, a Center Panel Vest out of Noro Silk Garden Solos, a newly started kids sweater for a very deserving girlie, a Lucky cowl with only 2 stripes to go….all on a background of a beautiful crochet shawl from Ella Rae Classic.



I finished this cute little newborn set from Island Yarn Blackwater and Ella Rae Classic Superwash.  It totally delighted me with cutitude!


Gayle finished her super soft Sick Day Shawl in Island Yarn Reclaimed Cashmere and Cashmere Parfait.  So nommy!


Whitney wore in her stunning A-line coat from the Noro F/W 2013 magazine.  Such great work!


Janice finished off this super gorgeous and snuggly Cloud Cowl from Debbie Bliss Paloma.  I wanted to steal it.  But.  I.  Did.  Not.


My friend Claudia was visiting this week, and came forth with inspiration for this fantastic project!  Undergound Magic!!  Tons of ways to wear it.  Simple to make!  Just one skein of Pagoda or Lush Silk Lace!  This pattern will be free for one week!  Get it fast….you won’t regret it, and will probably making one for all your friends!

DoubleCowl HoodedCowl Longcowl scarf

And for tons of added fun, so that you can see how it all works, my beautiful and talented daughter and model helped me put together this fun video!  You should watch it….it is a total hoot!

Underground Magic on YouTube


I enjoyed making that little baby set so much, that I made another!


This one is up for charity auction this week!  100% of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders!  Please bid and share this post!



“I’m not sure WHY there has been three straight weeks of the black cat when I am clearly so handsome.”

Week in Review #4

Phew….yarn is dyed, stew is simmering, bread is rising!  I can finally get the Week in Review done!



Monday, 12 o’clock, Cashmere hat for new pattern, Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, Lucky Cowl, crochet shawl in Ella Rae Classic, crochet shawl in Goldenrod Pagoda.


Thursday, 12 o’clock, shawl for new pattern in Cranberry Pagoda and Siam, Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, Lucky Cowl, amazing orange sweater, Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda, crochet shawl in Ella Rae Classic, and Center Panel Vest in Noro Silk Garden Solos.

Busy knit nights, right?


Nancy finished this amazing Double Deco shawl on Monday.  She used 3 colors of Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and 1 color Gioiello.  Absolutely gorgeous!



We got a blocked picture of Karen’s newly finished shawl from last week.  :)  She used Alicat Handspun and Island Yarn hand-dye Dulcette.  So nommy!


Whitney wore her beautiful Noro skirt in on Thursday.  This was from the F/W 2013 issue of the Noro Magazine and she used Kureyon and Ella Rae Classic.  Fantastic!


And Jane brought in her newly off the needles Sick Day Shawl.  She used Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and Plymouth Zino.  Beautiful!!




Brioche Twist has been freshly revamped for our delicious yarn Chesterfield!  It will be free for one week!  Get it fast!  The colors used in the sample were Pansy and Blacklight…have a ball pairing up your two colors!



Lucky Cowl Kits are still available but we’ll be making space for Don’t Blink Kits soon, so time is a-ticking!



I actually have a few other obsessions beside yarn which are often cooking related….finding/making the perfect recipe for things like veggie burgers, quinoa salads, granola bars, breads.  And of course perfection is defined as yummy, healthy, and relatively quick and easy to put together.  Last week, I was going to post this recipe, but my browser kept crashing, so here we go.

Commercially made granola bars make me weirdly angry.  The should be healthy, and they just usually aren’t.  And when they are, they taste overly healthy.  There’s the root of this particular obsession.  These are nearly perfect (to me) though they are still a bit crumbly, they are tasty enough for me to ignore that.

Ingredients -

1 cup rolled oats

@ 6 cups mixture seeds and nuts/fruit (I used 1/2 cup each sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, dried apples, peanuts, dark chocolate chips, 1/4 cup flax meal and 1 TBSP Chia Seeds)  If your big stuff is whole – like the almonds, put them in a ziplock and smash them up with the smashing implement of your choice.

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/4 agave syrup

1/4 honey

Toast in a dry pan the oats with any nuts that are raw for a few minutes, stirring or shaking constantly.  Combine with all other dry ingredients (if using chocolate, let it cool before adding those.  Combine Peanut Butter, Agave and Honey.  Drizzle over dry ingredients and combine well.  Press very firmly into a pan lined with plastic wrap*.  Allow to rest for 30 minutes or so.  Cut into bars, squares, whatever you like and wrap each.

*I actually used Onigiri molds, which worked REALLY well.  Lined with plastic wrapped, scooped a bunch of the mixture in, pressed and then finished wrapping.


It looks like a BIG majority of knitters are knitting for the holidays.  There are gonna be some lucky friends and relatives out there this year!



Don’t wake me until Monday is over.

Week in Review #3

Hello yarn-ers!  Did you all remember to set your clocks back last night?  And are you New Englanders enjoying your first blast of winter?  I caved and turned on my heat last night.  November 1st and first snow…I’m gonna pretend there’s no shame in that!  ;)



Yuh know, I really do try to pile them up in a circular fashion, but this appears to be one big pile o’ Cashmere.  Better for diving into, than identifying!  It looks like there are 3 Lucky Cowls on top of a Hitofude and teal sweater, so that’s what we are going with!  Maybe Thursday’s will be easier….


Yes!  I can do this one.  From 12 o’clock, Hitofude in Magenta Pagoda, Lucky Cowl, Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda, Crochet shawl in Ella Rae Classic, trial run of a cashmere hat that you’ll see later this month, all backgrounded by a snuggly blanket in Katia Peru.



Janice came in with her gorgeous finished Lucky Cowl!  It looked so great with her outfit!  And I can’t tell you how it improves your outlook on life to have cashmere areound your neck on a raw day like yesterday!


Janice also (lots of finishing!) was sporting her snuggly Vines hat.  This is her second.  It is a super fun (and free!) pattern for our Combo Fibers, but it is also a great stash busters for those little bits of leftovers (and a lot quicker than starting a never-ending scrap blanket!).


Fresh off the needles (which is code for “will be blocked this week), another lovely variation of the Sick Day Pi Shawl from Karen.  This one is made with Ali-Cat handspun and Baked Apple Dulcette (a special hand-dye only available in store).


Don’t Blink is our new pattern up for Velvet!  3 different colorways to make you a gorgeous and distinct hat and cowl set!  This pattern will be free until Saturday on Ravelry, but if you come in to get your 3 skeins of Velvet, I’ll have a free print-out for you!  :)

7 6


Some of the colors of the Lucky Cowl kit are starting to dwindle.  These will likely only be around through the holidays, so get yours while there are still some to get!



And since the world is super cowl-y out there….I set up this portion of the wall o’ color to inspire you all to make a “snowmageddon” cowl as it has been named.  It’s the Gap-tastic cowl with a strand of Combo Fibers and strand of a super soft bulky – those hanging on the wall are the insanely luscious Juniper Moon Herriot Great!  The two together make this cowl endlessly entertaining!




The process knitters came out and spoke last week with 2/3′s of you preferring the middle….zone out and knit part of projects the most.  NO ONE chose finishing…..sigh!  I was hoping to track down a finisher for everyone to buddy up to!  ;)


A cat!


I’m not opening my eyes until that stuff stops falling from the sky!

Week in Review #2

We survived the deluge this week!  Did all of you?  I thought I might walke up in OZ on Thursday morning, but the purring black cat woke me instead of a cyclone.



Monday we had a relatively quiet night, though delightful company.  The brown is a Center-panel Vest in Reclaimed Cashmere, then a gorgeous feather and fan shawl that Karen is writing up the pattern for in Island Yarn Cashmere Parfait and Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal, and the Double-deco shawl almost finished in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and Filatura Gioiello from Nancy.

Btw…the spell checker doesn’t think donegal is a word.  As IF!  Hmph!


Thursday knit night, by comparison, was somewhat of a fun time at the zoo!  :)  Starting at 12 o’clock, going clockwise…a Hitofude in Magenta Pagoda, a skirt in progress from Wren (who else?!), a freshly started pair of leg-warmers inspired by the latest Sundance catalog,  another Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda, first stripe of a Lucky Cowl, a skirt “renovation” from guess who (?), a Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, and a sneak peak at our next fun project in Velvet, all backgrounded a finished shawl that you’ll see below!  Shockingly enough, there were 2 more Hitofude‘s that walked in later!



Karen finished that gorgeous purple shawl that was in the Monday knit night picture!  I’ll be sure to post a link when she gets the pattern written up, or you can stalk her here.  Made from Island Yarn Cashmere Parfait and Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal.


She also finished this delicious shawl made from an exclusive in-store hand-dye, Dulcette and Cashmere Parfait.  It is a variation on the Sick Day Pi Shawl and  sooooo very soft and cozy!




And this wasn’t freshly finished, but I was happy to see Jen wearing her awesome Brioche hat to keep warm this blustery week!



And Mary came in to pick up her made-just-for-her Hitofude from Karen!  She was delighted!!



There are three new colors up of our lucky cowl kit!


Chocolate covered Berries






Cloudy Day



You guys shocked me last week with 4:1 saying you prefer metal needles!  I totally prefer metal needles (the more slippery and pointy, the better!), but I’ve felt totally in the minority about this lately.  Wonder what you will all say this week?

And finally….this cat.  The ultra-spoiled cashmere wrapped cat.  She wants you to know that is REALLY is a tough life.  That is all.


Week in Review!

It has been a busy week over here at Island Yarn! Now that the temps are getting chillier, it seems that everyone is gravitating to Cashmere and Bulky yarns. Luckily, that leads to a lot of fun!


First off…knit night on Monday (apologies, distraction made me forget to snap the Thursday knit-night pic):


From 12 Clockwise, we have, a freshly started shawl (which is going to have to get a hair bigger before I can identify it), a highly modified Hitofude to be warm and cozy in Cashmere Parfait, a nearly completely cardigan that hopefully we’ll see in a finished object photo soon, a so-close Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, a freshly started Aryia in Reclaimed Cashmere, and fabulous progress on a Center-panel vest in Noro Silk Garden Solos.

And for your knit night words of wisdom…We often have a little bit of talk about all the shows we are watching.  The wisdom we gleaned this week from all that talk, don’t use a coupon when finding a hitman.  Two-for-one specials are unlikely to go well.


Jane came in wearing her finished Hitofude in Magenta Pagoda.  Fabulous job!  It was a gift, but I convinced her she needed to break it in (and show off) before shipping it to her lucky recipient.

7 6


This beautiful, freshly designed shawl also came walking in!  Sarah from Subito Farms is the talent behind this one-skein Pagoda shawl.  Not sure she has it written up yet, but pay attention here to get it hot off the press.




And though it is an attic blocking picture, some power knitting lead to finishing a third Hitofude!




Don’t miss the appearance of our Lucky Cowl Kits both in the store and online.  This kit is 100% Reclaimed Cashmere and would make the perfect gift!  Give it to the special knitter in your life, as is, or make up the cowl and give it to a very lucky friend (or maybe realize you’ve earned it this year, and keep it for yourself)!  Tons of great color combos available.   Check out all the details here.

4 3




And really, what is life without pet pictures?

Poof cat had something to add, but was just too darn shy when it came down to it.  2

Yarn Crawl – September 18-21!! Marks your calendars!!

Logo 2014

Our extended hours for 9/18/14-9/21/14:
9/18, Thursday 10am – 8pm
9/19, Friday 10am – 5pm
9/20, Saturday 10am – 5pm
9/21, Sunday 12pm – 5pm

Woohoo! It is crawl time again, and this year we are going color crazy.
Through the crawl enjoy 15% off all Noro and Island Yarn brand yarns! We’ll have yarn tasting stations and loads of samples to inspire you from both Noro and Island Yarn.

Thursday, 9/18 – From 12-2, Gayle will be demo-ing/teaching a moebius cast-on for a delicious new moebius cowl pattern that we have in store. Pick out your yarn, score the free pattern, and learn something too!

In the evening, Wren Ross will be performing from 7-8pm, during our normal knit night hours. We’ll have some snacks and refreshments for you to nibble too. Depending on weather and turn out, we may move outside so throw a folding chair in the trunk just in case. If you have seen Wren sing her wonderfully clever knitting themed songs, you know you don’t want to miss it!

Friday and Saturday, 9/19 & 9/20 – The BIG Noro Days! We’ll have Gail and Nancy here from 2-5 to show you Noro at its fullest potential for both knitting AND crochet. Small and large projects, you’ll see it all. We’ll have free patterns for log cabins blankets, lots of samples to see or try on, and the first 10 Noro buyers each day of the crawl will get a free book (one per person).

Sunday, 9/21 – It’s Hitofude day! Our recent KAL was the fabulous Hitofude cardigan. A wonderful pattern on its own, we thought it might also be a great gateway for making friends with charts. And so, Karen will be here from 1 – 5 for tutorials on chart reading. I also have a faint goal/hope of having Pagoda (our yarn of choice) dyed and ready to go in all 76 of our colors for the crawl!

Free patterns, special prizes, and everything else I forgot to write up! Hope to see you for this fun weekend! :)

Hitofude Knit-A-Long!!

 Hitofude Knit-A-Long


After being taunted with the gorgeousness of this pattern for months, I think it is time to KAL!   It seems like the perfect knit for July…light, lacy and the perfect sweater to have ready just as those August evenings start to cool down again. 

One of the best parts?  It takes just 2-3 skeins of Pagoda which we have chosen as the yarn of choice because of its gorgeous drape, delightful hand, and practical washability.  It is win, win, win! 

 Since we always want to encourage you to buy locally, here is a list of local stores where you can find Pagoda:

Auburn Needleworks

839 Lincoln Way

Auburn, CA 95603

Eileen’s Treasures 

859 Oakpark Blvd.

Pismo Beach, CA 93449


Fiber Frolics

637 First Street

Benicia, CA 94510


Needlepoints West

6227 W. 87th St,

Los Angeles, Ca 90045


A Perfect Yarn

124 U S Hwy 101, North

Crescent City, CA 95531



564 S. Murphy Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA 94086


The Twisted Stitch

400 Foam St, Suite 8

Monterey, CA 93940


A Little Bit Sheepish

2 South Main St.

Berlin, MD  21811


Two Rivers Yarns

17 W. Potomac St.

Brunswick, MD  21716


The Yarn Barn
849 Stillwater Ave
Bangor, ME  04401


Island Yarn Company
85 River St
Waltham, MA  02453


Labor of Love Yarn

246 N Main St

Romeo, MI 48065


StillWater Fibers

302 Market Street

Oxford, PA  19363


Yarn Gallery
628 Penn Ave
West Reading, PA  19611


Baa Baa Sheep LLC

754 West 22nd Street

Norfolk, VA  23517

Knitting B LLC

8801L Three Chopt Road
Richmond, VA  23229



945 Providence Square Shopping Ctr

Virginia Beach, VA  23464


Yarn Explosion

5227 Airport Road

Roanoke, VA  24012



219 S. Duke Street

Shepherdstown, WV  25443


If all of these store are, sadly, out of your reach, you can place a special order here.  The deadline for special ordering is June 16th so that we have hope of getting it to you in time for casting on June 26th!

You’ll see our progress pics on our Knit-night pictures, and we hope that you respond with your progress pics too! 

 If you are curious, I’m going to be using Sea Mist Pagoda.

 Now, don’t be mad at me, but I’m going to get a bit of a head start on you guys just because this is a very cleverly written, seamless pattern, so I want to have worked through a bit before any questions start rolling in.  But you can start plotting and planning…ready, set, go!

Instant Gratification Sale!

Katia Peru, Ella Rae Mega, Cascade 128, and Cascade Magnum are all 30% off this week!  Knock off a few quick projects for yourself or for the ever-looming holiday gift box with these delicious bulky yarns!  I’m planning a pile of cute cable-y hats myself…always great emergency gifts for men or women and satisfy all the instant gratification whims!

Sale ends June 7th.

Happy Patriot’s Day!

Happy Patriot’s Day everyone!  We will be open regular hours today, so if you are on this side on the marathon, come on by!

We will be CLOSED this Saturday, April 26th because will be set up at the Gore Sheepshearing Festival!!  It is just around the corner from the store and a delightful event for adults and kids!  We hope to see you there!  We will have loads of free patterns for you yarn buyers, including 3 brand new ones.  You can take a sneak peak here.
We’ve gotten some delicious new yarns in recently, so if you haven’t come in to check them out, it might be time to come take a feel of NoemaZooeyBloom, and Phoenix!
Our Spring KAL’s are returning on May 8th!  This one is especially great because it can be for knitter’s or crocheters and I’m willing to bet that a whole lot of you have had this in your queue for a while….why not cast it on now?  Lizard Ridge!  And the crochet version is available here - Chameleon.  As always, our KAL’s are free, but we do require that you purchase your yarn at Island Yarn to participate.