Week in Review, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog’s Day Everyone!  I have to say…the snow outside AGAIN, is making me feel like it is Groundhog’s Day AGAIN.  Didn’t we just do this?  Ah well!  At least it makes for some indulgent fun knitting time that we probably wouldn’t have other wise.


Well, just one knit night.  We embarked on knit night last Monday, but closed up early before remember to snap a picture.  So here’s Thursday!




Janice is hiding behind these awesome mittens she made from our Reclaimed Merino.


Jane finished of her Underground Magic in Marianas Pagoda!  Apprehensive that she wouldn’t like it the whole time knitting it, but hasn’t taken it off since!


Jane came in wearing her gorgeous new hat made out of Black Currant Velvet.  So gorgeous and snuggly!  Her lucky sister got one too!


I was very happy for Tuesday’s snow day because it meant that I was able to finish #2 for this year.  I love, love, love this one!  It is St Brigid by Alice Starmore from her book Aran Knitting.  And I used Ella Rae Sport.



Our featured color this week was Trenzalore, in honor of Dr Who and Netflix renewing their contract.  There was a great sigh of relief in our house!  February will bring all flowers….to remind you that there are flowers hidden in wait under the snow.


We also got delicious new Louisa Harding Cassia this week.  Superwash/Nylon DK…makes it perfect for SO many knits….socks, kids stuff, hats, sweaters…..you name it!


And this poof cat is pondering why everyone complains about the snow.  It is great cat tv after all!


Week in Review, 1/24/15

Hello to all of you on this snowy morning!  We have a pretty quick week in review to do this week and then some weather stalking.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be open regular hours today, but call ahead just to be sure, ok?


Monday – loads of BIG projects getting a lot of progress!


And a nice blurry picture for Thursday!  Don’t ask me why….maybe someone made me chuckle at just the right moment.



IMAG0182 IMAG0178

Karen finished these two gorgeous shawls out of Alicat Handspun!


Anne finished this super cute hat out of the Louisa Harding Akiko Book!


And Sally finished her Lucky Cowl….her first knit project in YEARS!  Didn’t she do great?!



This happened.  Oh, it is just so delightful to knit, I can’t even tell you.  We’re still having 10% off Paloma for this particular project until the end of the month….combined with your punchcard, you’ll save about $80!  :)

And also, TONS of new Cashmere in the week!


So much warmy softness!  Aren’t you dyeing to dive in!?

Week in Review 1/15/15

Hello happy knitters and crocheters!  The Week in Review is trying to change to Friday’s so we have almost 2 weeks of yarning fun for this one!  And just a quick note before I forget – YES, we are open Monday, Martin Luther King Day, regular hours, 12-8.

Knit Nights!

Two Mondays and two Thursdays!  I love how you can see things grow from picture to picture!  Isn’t that awesome?!

IMAG0149 IMAG0172




Jen finished her gorgeous Underground Magic in Green Gables Pagoda.  So weird, but I’ve never loved this color (even though I dye it) until THIS!  Didn’t it come out great?!


Karen finished this lovely Botany Shawl with Alicat Handspun.  It is always hard to decide which of Karen’s shawls are in the top ten favorites, but this one definitely is there!


Susan made this adorable (two, actually I think) Panda Hat for her daughter out of Debbie Bliss Paloma.  So cute and SO soft!


Janice finished off this amazingly gorgeous stole!  I’m not going to tell you what yarn it is because she scooped the last of it and its discontinued.  (Just a wee lesson in….pay attention to the sale bin!)


Jen finished off this great “muppet fur” muff!  It really is so warm and cute!  You wish you could see it in person!  She used Louisa Harding Luzia.



Rebecca came in wearing her new finished vest!  Isn’t it pretty!  And it fits perfectly!  She used Ella Rae Classic.

12-sweater self challenge

Yes, #1 is done.  And yes, pictures I take of myself stink.  So this one is evidence more than showing off!  :)  #2 was so close this week, but I realized I completely screwed up the increases on sleeve #2.  Sigh.  Maybe next week.  But, without further ado #1 – Center Panel Vest with Reclaimed Cashmere and Louisa Harding Amitola.




This week we have a brand new color for our featured color!  See hello to the purple-y deliciousness that is Concord!



New KAL – kind of.

So this week, I was taunted by something.  And, well, it won.

This weekend, I saw this gorgeous blanket:


I thought, “Wow….droool…love….that is insane.  A million skeins of Paloma…looove Paloma….drool….insane.”  And so on.  I think you get the point.  I tried to put it out of my mind.  I’m quite happy with my current projects, but everyday I’d sneak back and take another peak.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  Not just because it is totally gorgeous, but also because I kept imagining being wrapped up in miles of squishy, delicious Paloma.  I held out for 4 days.  And then, last night, this happened:


And yuh know what.  I am SOOO happy that I caved.  This blanket is the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern.  And honestly (I have witnesses), it is so fun and easy to knit, I just kept squeeeing and giggling and squishing all through knit-night.

So, here’s the thing.  It is a pricey project.  Yes, worth it, but there is no denying that it is pricey.  So, for those of you who want to join in to the squeeing, giggling, squishing fun, when you come in to order your Paloma (it takes enough that this will almost all have to be special order) I’ll give you 10% off the order until the end of January.  Be advised though, I don’t think I’m the only one who sparked with this blanket, and though I have a list of immediately available colors, a lot of those may disappear.

I think that’s it.  Oh, except one last thing.  Resistance is futile.  ;)  I wouldn’t have 5″ done after one night if anything else was true.  Consider yourself taunted.  :D

Week in Review – 1/4/15

Happy New Year to you all!!  I hope you are deep in recovery from the holidays and plotting for all the fun, selfish knitting!






Well, look at all that gorgeous knitting!  Honestly, I have no idea what we were all making before the holiday madness hit, but it sure looks good, doesn’t it?



This gorgeous QUEEN sized blanket came walking in on Saturday!  Isn’t it awesome?  This was her FIRST project!!  I think she is definitely a crocheter at heart!  She used 6 colors of Ella Rae Classic for this beauty.




Janice finished her first Underground Magic!!  Isn’t it lovely?  Fabulous job!!  And I know there is at least one more on its way.  She used Wildwood Pagoda.



Nancy finished her gorgeous Center Panel Vest using Noro Silk Garden Solos and Louisa Harding Amitola.  She looks stunning in it!!


Karen might have been the first one ever to finish this Wavedeck .  She had it one and off her needles before I could even thoroughly look through the current issue of knitty!  She used Harrison Wheelworks Handspun.  Yummy!!


Jane finished this Sick Day Shawl for a VERY lucky friend.  She used Mimi Lotus and Island Yarn Cashmere Parfait.  I tried to steal it, I really did….desperate desire for all that softness!


Wren finished her hard-won Hitofude!   She used Antilles Pagoda.  Doesn’t it look just perfect on her??  Great job!


Melissa brought in her adorable Kureyon socks that she whipped up.  Aren’t they cute??


And Karen finished ANOTHER Underground Magic.  This time she used some super nommy Island Yarn Reclaimed Silk that got a while back.  I wish the color was a little better in the picture.  It is truly sublime!


I’m not one for REALLY making resolutions, but if something challenging is lingering in my head at the right time of year, I figure why not make it coincide?  So, in a fit of insanity, I going to challenge myself to complete 12 sweaters this year.  1 per month.  My personal rules are….Vests count, baby sweaters count, unfinished WIP’s REALLY count!  I think I’ll have a picture of the first one for you next week!  Anyone want to join me???



Our featured color in the store this week will be Blood Orange!  I’ve got it dyed up in almost EVERY base yarn.  Come on in to see the deliciousness!  :)

And because I know you all missed him….


“Santa brought me DRUGS!!”

Holiday Hours

It seems that the Week in Review got buried under a pile of Christmas presents and decorations, so it will have to make the way to the surface again in the new year!

Our holiday hours for the next week or so will be as follows:

Wednesday, 12/24 – regular hours, 12-5

Thursday, 12/25 – Closed

Friday, 12/26 – regular hours, 12-5

Saturday, 12/27 – regular hours, 12-5

Sunday, 12/28 – Closed

Monday, 12/29 – 12-5

Tuesday-Thursday, 12/30-1/1 – Closed

We will re-open for regular hours on Friday 1/2/15!

Happy, safe, and delightful Holidays to all of you!  (And ps….reward knitting will soon be upon us!)

Week in review #8

Hello everyone!  I hope the holiday season is treating you well and that your gifts are flying off the needles!



Well my sister and I were busily ripping apart the store, but others were representing and knitting their fingers off!  On a bed of an Underground Magic in Gatsby Siam, there is a tunisian crochet cowl, the collar of an Aryia Sweater, an Underground Magic in Driftwood, and a Lucky Cowl.  Gorgeous, on and all!


From 12 o’clock, #20 hat for Mary Beth, a Lucky Cowl, the tunisian crochet cowl from above (and below), the fabulous orange sweater that we are desperately waiting to see finished, a lovely crochet shawl almost done, a quick knit baby blanket, all on a bed of Underground Magic in Cobblestone Noki.


So many pretties are coming walking in lately!  Sadly, I missed a couple pictures this week, but we loads of good ones!

First a Snowmageddon from Lisa!  (These are extremely easy…one strand of Island Yarn Combo Fibers with one strand of something soft and fluffy.  We’ve been using Juniper Moon Herriot Great.)  Isn’t it gorgeous?


Next…a bunch of Underground Magic!


Carol finished this one in Grapes of Wrath Pagoda.  Beautiful!


Karen finished this one with two skeins of Gatsby Siam.  She was the first to try out a less drapey yarn, so she used about 2/3’s of a second ball, but it is SO snuggly and gorgeous!  Totally worth the second skein!


Those of you who know Karen know she is extremely prolific so she also finished another one is Noki in Cobblestone.  I cannot even tell you how I almost stole this one as I have been dreaming of making one in Noki.  And she is here with her mom, Nancy, with that fabulous crochet cowl she made this week.


My sister and I accomplished a whole lot while she was here, and just PART of that mix was this awesome set she made out of Twilight Velvet.  So fabulous!


Jane sent me this great picture of her finished Sick Day Shawl.  Made with Cashmere Parfait and some mystery yarn from her stash.  So luscious!


And Karen and Nancy (combined effort) finished off this gorgeous shawl for another knitter friend.  They used Hand-dyed Dulcette in Tanzanite.  What a lucky friend!!


There were BIG, BIG changes in the store this week.  I believe “It is like a whole new store” was heard several times, so come on in and see!  My sister helped me make everything pretty for you!!

I hope you got a chance to peruse our Snuggle Pattern for last week.  We now have Velvet and Roma in stock so that you can get through a bunch before holidays.


We’re going to have one more charity auction this month, but I didn’t get the teenager home in time to get a picture, so I’m hoping it will go up Tuesday.  Stay tuned!

I’ve made the Underground Magic pattern free for the rest of the year as a little gift for all of you.  Don’t for get to check out the video if you haven’t yet.  It’s a great giggle!


Which brings me to our poll!  I’m going to make two more patterns free for the rest of the year, vote on which you want!  I put a few choices here, but click here and then you can add your own if you have a choice.  Grrrr!  I tested the “other” but it won’t actually add those to the voting list, so leave a comment on this post if you want a different pattern than those shown.  Thanks!

And just in case you have a swarming cat problem in your house, the cat traps really do work!


Week in Review #7

Morning!  Early and fast week in review for you!  I hope you all had a delightful Thanksgiving and have recovered from your Turkey hangovers!  Because guess what?  Tomorrow is December!  Argh!!!  If anyone has information about how this happened, please get in touch with me and let me know!



Just one knit night this week, since we were closed on Thanksgiving.  A Lucky Cowl at the top out of Island Yarn Reclaimed Cashmere, a new hat, 2 Underground Magic, one in Island Yarn Pagoda and one in Island Yarn Siam….both in Gatsby colorway.  Isn’t it cool to see how differently the different fibers dye?  And my cashmere hat that is endless comfort knitting when I’m frazzled!


So many finished the last few weeks and I think this tells the tale….definitely the year of the cowl!  :)

Finished Underground Magic


In Magenta Pagoda




In Gatsby PagodaIMAG0043


In Juniper Moon Findley (made by little Gayle for this great guy)!

Don’t they look great!!?

Finished Lucky Cowl by Karen


Finished “snomageddon” cowls by Gail!  CO 110-130 on a Size 11-13 holding a strand of Juniper Moon Herriot and Island Yarn Combo Fibers.  Join, knit in garter or seed stitch until you are done!

IMAG0044 IMAG0051



Our Charity Auction for Doctors without Borders will be ending Tuesday this week!  Check is out and bid generously!  :)

IMAG0037 IMAG0033


It seems like when Thanksgiving is this late, it is a mad rush to Christmas.  So, with this is mind (as the yarn buying gets bulkier and bulkier through the month), we have a quick, new free pattern for you!

This pattern takes just one skein of wither Debbie Bliss Roma (which will be in this week) or Island Yarn Velvet which is IN!  I used every bit of the Roma, and had just a bit of Velvet leftover.  If you just want the cowl, you can add another 7 stitches to the CO and go another cable repeat to use your skein and make a slightly bigger cowl.  But as it is, Snuggle is a great, quick set that you can work up in a blink of an eye!

Snuggle – Headband and Cowl set

IMAG0053 IMAG0052 IMAG0055


Material:  Size 13 DPN’S or 16″ circular – cowl, just use 2 of the DPN’s for straight needles for the headband, 1 Skein Debbie Bliss Como or Island Yarn Velvet


K = knit, yo = yarn over, m1 = make one, ptbl = purl through the back loop, ktbl = knit thru the back loop, c4r = cable 4 right – place 2 stitch on cable stitch holder, let hang in the back, k2tbl, then k2tbl off cable needle

CO 4
Row 1: K
Row 2: k2, yo, k2
Row 3: k2, m1, kfb, m1, k2
Row 4: k2, m1, p4, m1, k2
Row 5: K2, m1, K1, K4TBL, k1, m1, k2
Row 6, 8, 10: K4, p4TBL, K4
Row 7: k2, p2, c4r, p2, k2
Row 9 and 11: k2, p2, k4tbl, p2, k2
Repeat rows 6 thru 12 another 9 times until you have 10 twists,  end after finishing a row 8.
Next row: k2, p2tog, ssk, k2tog, p2tog, k2
Next row: k
Next row: k2, ssk, k2tog, k2
Next row: k1, ssk, k2tog, k1
Bind off.  Sew on button and weave in ends.


CO 42 on 16″ circular needle or dpns, join being careful to not twist,
Rounds 1, 2, 3, 5, 6: k4tbl, p3 around
Round 4: c4r, p3 around
Repeat rounds 1 to 6 three more times.   Bind of loosely .  Weave in ends.

With the mad rush, I didn’t want to delay with printing and such, so I hope you and your holidays giftees enjoy this free one-skein pattern!


I’m finding the favorite fiber poll from last week to be endlessly interesting, so I’m going to leave that one up another week….go vote!  :)

And the cats are asleep!  Sorry for the rush job, I’ll have to add in more links later, but must run out the door in just a bit!  Happy Holidays!

Week in Review #6

Phew!  Usually I’m sitting down to write this after a morning of dyeing, but alas, the holidays are upon us, and it was time to scrub up the house for visitors.  Sigh…if only cleaning were evenly remotely as fun as knitting.  But here we are, finally, with another packed week in review!



Monday – from 12 clockwise, a “wren-o-vated” skirt, Petrouchka socks in Wildfoote, shawl in…? Alicat handspun, hat in reclaimed cashmere…due for its debut soon, Lucky Cowl, Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, a freshly Cast-on Underground Magic in Birch Pagoda, all on a bed of a gorgeous crochet shawl in Goldenrod Pagoda.


Thursday (new phone….more colorful pic, eh??) – from 12 clockwise, sleeves of the fabulous orange sweater, Lucky Cowl, Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda, gosh I can’t remember what was getting cast-on on those dpn’s, but it looks great, Poncho in Sedona, newly CO Underground Magic in Gatsby Pagoda, a Combo/Funky Venetian Blind that got CO because I was cold, (blue center) Aryia sweater in Reclaimed Cashmere, all on a bed of a Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda.

FINISHED – get a load of this parade of finishers!


Karen finished a Venetian Blind.  No idea what yarn, but she used almost 3 times what the pattern calls for to make it awesome!


Carol Anne finished her Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda.  Didn’t it come out great??  She thought she couldn’t do….and boy, was she wrong!  :)


Maureen finished this adorable Baby Sophisticate in Island Yarn Blackwater in Tea Rose and Ella Rae Classic.  What a lucky baby!!


Lisa finished (so very quickly!) this gorgeous cowl using one strand of Combo Fibers and one strand of Herriot Great.  It was as soft as it is beautiful!


Gail was our first one to finish Underground Magic!  She used Eddie B Pagoda and I think haven’t seen her without this on since it came off the needles.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Deedee finished off her delicious Lucky Cowl!  See that smile….she’s wearing cashmere!  ;)  Wonderful job!


Wren also finished off her (first) Lucky Cowl….it was almost as if she dressed to finish and wear?!  Doesn’t she look great?!



Don’t Blink Kits just became available!  Don’t miss them….they are a great, easy, quick-to-knit gift!


There are still some Lucky Cowl Kits, but the numbers are starting to dwindle.  I’m trying to make more for December, but I never know what happens to time in December, so no promises!  Better scoop if you’ve been pondering!  :)


Tonight (Sunday) is the last night to get the Underground Magic pattern for free.  Download it now!  Tomorrow it will be only $4, but why miss out on free?


Yes, we will be closed on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.  Enjoy your family and friends and Happy Thanksgiving!

On Friday and Saturday, we will be open regular hours (12-5), but have some little rewards to thank you for shopping small and local this holiday season!

Cider and cookies!  Come have a snack, knit a row, take a breather from the houseful!

Delight your hands – get a free handmade lotion bar with purchase of a Lucky Cowl Kit.  It gets dry this time of year, let’s keep our hands happy with cocoa butter and cashmere!  (It’s also a great stocking stuffer if it isn’t up your alley.)

Free Books – I may have scored some really nice books.  And it seems, I just may want to give you one of those when you spend $40 or more (one per person…while supplies last).

Get a jump on the gifting! – Buy a $50 or more giftcard and get a $5 reward (you can add it to the giftcard, or take a credit for yourself!) and get a free holiday card to tuck it inside.


Our charity auction went great last week!  Thank you to everyone who bid and especially to Gail who won and already made her generous contribution to Doctor’s without Borders!

This week we have TWO adorable items up for charity auction! The sweater set is for 12-18 months, and the slippers are a size 5-7. Bid for Doctors without Borders! It is like double gifting and a boatload of good karma! IMAG0033



Click here to bid on either or both!  :)


I got so befuddled with all the Underground Magic fun last week, I forgot to post a poll!  Oooops!  In our previous poll, the monogamous knitters stayed very, very quiet, with the large majority of you saying you had loads of stuff on the needles.  Knitters after my own heart.  ;)



I’m staying under here until the enemy of my people is gone (the vacuum is trying to not be hurt).







Week in Review #5

Boy, do I have some fun stuff for you guys this week!  Better get right to it!



Monday!  From 12 o’clock, a newly cast on hat in Juniper Moon Moonshine, a test run in something you’ll see later in Island Yarn Siam, a shawl that became a cowl in Alicat Handspun, and a Retroactive Cowl in Juniper Moon Herriot Great, all on a background of a gorgeous goldenrod Pagoda and red crochet shawl.  Fabulous projects in all the stages!


Thursday!  From 12 o’clock, a poncho from Tahki Sedona that quickly became a different poncho in Tahki Sedona, Harlequin Pagoda that you’ll see later in the post, an almost finished cowl from Ella Rae Jaspe, a Center Panel Vest out of Noro Silk Garden Solos, a newly started kids sweater for a very deserving girlie, a Lucky cowl with only 2 stripes to go….all on a background of a beautiful crochet shawl from Ella Rae Classic.



I finished this cute little newborn set from Island Yarn Blackwater and Ella Rae Classic Superwash.  It totally delighted me with cutitude!


Gayle finished her super soft Sick Day Shawl in Island Yarn Reclaimed Cashmere and Cashmere Parfait.  So nommy!


Whitney wore in her stunning A-line coat from the Noro F/W 2013 magazine.  Such great work!


Janice finished off this super gorgeous and snuggly Cloud Cowl from Debbie Bliss Paloma.  I wanted to steal it.  But.  I.  Did.  Not.


My friend Claudia was visiting this week, and came forth with inspiration for this fantastic project!  Undergound Magic!!  Tons of ways to wear it.  Simple to make!  Just one skein of Pagoda or Lush Silk Lace!  This pattern will be free for one week!  Get it fast….you won’t regret it, and will probably making one for all your friends!

DoubleCowl HoodedCowl Longcowl scarf

And for tons of added fun, so that you can see how it all works, my beautiful and talented daughter and model helped me put together this fun video!  You should watch it….it is a total hoot!

Underground Magic on YouTube


I enjoyed making that little baby set so much, that I made another!


This one is up for charity auction this week!  100% of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders!  Please bid and share this post!



“I’m not sure WHY there has been three straight weeks of the black cat when I am clearly so handsome.”

Week in Review #4

Phew….yarn is dyed, stew is simmering, bread is rising!  I can finally get the Week in Review done!



Monday, 12 o’clock, Cashmere hat for new pattern, Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, Lucky Cowl, crochet shawl in Ella Rae Classic, crochet shawl in Goldenrod Pagoda.


Thursday, 12 o’clock, shawl for new pattern in Cranberry Pagoda and Siam, Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, Lucky Cowl, amazing orange sweater, Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda, crochet shawl in Ella Rae Classic, and Center Panel Vest in Noro Silk Garden Solos.

Busy knit nights, right?


Nancy finished this amazing Double Deco shawl on Monday.  She used 3 colors of Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and 1 color Gioiello.  Absolutely gorgeous!



We got a blocked picture of Karen’s newly finished shawl from last week.  :)  She used Alicat Handspun and Island Yarn hand-dye Dulcette.  So nommy!


Whitney wore her beautiful Noro skirt in on Thursday.  This was from the F/W 2013 issue of the Noro Magazine and she used Kureyon and Ella Rae Classic.  Fantastic!


And Jane brought in her newly off the needles Sick Day Shawl.  She used Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and Plymouth Zino.  Beautiful!!




Brioche Twist has been freshly revamped for our delicious yarn Chesterfield!  It will be free for one week!  Get it fast!  The colors used in the sample were Pansy and Blacklight…have a ball pairing up your two colors!



Lucky Cowl Kits are still available but we’ll be making space for Don’t Blink Kits soon, so time is a-ticking!



I actually have a few other obsessions beside yarn which are often cooking related….finding/making the perfect recipe for things like veggie burgers, quinoa salads, granola bars, breads.  And of course perfection is defined as yummy, healthy, and relatively quick and easy to put together.  Last week, I was going to post this recipe, but my browser kept crashing, so here we go.

Commercially made granola bars make me weirdly angry.  The should be healthy, and they just usually aren’t.  And when they are, they taste overly healthy.  There’s the root of this particular obsession.  These are nearly perfect (to me) though they are still a bit crumbly, they are tasty enough for me to ignore that.

Ingredients –

1 cup rolled oats

@ 6 cups mixture seeds and nuts/fruit (I used 1/2 cup each sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, dried apples, peanuts, dark chocolate chips, 1/4 cup flax meal and 1 TBSP Chia Seeds)  If your big stuff is whole – like the almonds, put them in a ziplock and smash them up with the smashing implement of your choice.

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/4 agave syrup

1/4 honey

Toast in a dry pan the oats with any nuts that are raw for a few minutes, stirring or shaking constantly.  Combine with all other dry ingredients (if using chocolate, let it cool before adding those.  Combine Peanut Butter, Agave and Honey.  Drizzle over dry ingredients and combine well.  Press very firmly into a pan lined with plastic wrap*.  Allow to rest for 30 minutes or so.  Cut into bars, squares, whatever you like and wrap each.

*I actually used Onigiri molds, which worked REALLY well.  Lined with plastic wrapped, scooped a bunch of the mixture in, pressed and then finished wrapping.


It looks like a BIG majority of knitters are knitting for the holidays.  There are gonna be some lucky friends and relatives out there this year!



Don’t wake me until Monday is over.