LaLaLaLa Lhasa!!!

This might be a long gushing post, so if you are a “cut to the chase type” click here to see what I’m talking about! So, we got some yarn this week. It wasn’t just any yarn, it wasn’t even just really nice yarn. It is AMAZING, SMOOSHALICIOUS, DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN yarn. Meet… More LaLaLaLa Lhasa!!!

Reminders and more!

  Today is the LAST day to sign-up for the Island of Color this time around!  Don’t miss out.  You’re going to love what’s coming!!  You’re just not gonna want to wait for this color to come out of exclusivity-time! Our first class with Marcia Charter…Inara is starting next Wednesday!  Make sure you sign up soon so… More Reminders and more!


One of trickiest things about the move? We were already planning BIG, NEW things! Like what, you say? The ISLAND OF COLOR is ready for you!!  Whopeeee!! If you are early bird (before 7/24/16), you will get FREE SHIPPING with your subscription! Get those colors before anyone else! And, of you are lucky, get a… More ISLAND OF COLOR!!!!