Eye Candy Friday! New Vegan Yarns and more!

We got some nice full boxes of beautiful yarn this week!  First off, a yarn that blows the mind of everyone I show it to, Pure by Southwest Trading Company, 100% Soysilk. 


This yarn feels like silk.  You just won’t believe it!  It’s amazing and the colors are gorgeous (though my screen is not being true to them, so I hope that your screen will behave better).  Sometimes it seems hard to find vegan yarns that are not just pale alternatives to their yummy non-vegan counterparts.  But this yarn is not, by any stretch, a less-than alternative for vegans.  It is not a tofurkey.  It is a yarn that anyone would be pleased and delighted to knit.

Along the same lines and also from Southwest Trading Company:


100% Bamboo.  Be honest, have you ever met a bamboo you didn’t like?  This one won’t disappoint either.  Deep, beautiful colors in yarn that you might just name as your new pet because you can’t stop patting it. 

Also among our other new arrivals this week, we have more of the delightfully dyed Superwash Merino from Great Adirondack.

  GA Fall Superwash

You see?  Fall came to the New England in a box from the Adirondacks this week.  And though I apologize for setting autumn loose on those of you who will mourn summer, this Merino makes up for it, yes?

And last, but not least, Wool in the Woods!

Wool in the woods

Beautiful boucle.  Need I say more?  I only have a bit of this, so if you love it, come in and let me know so that I’ll know to get another order of it coming along.

In other store news, there is still space in our beginner rolled brim hat workshop which start Saturday, October 20th.  And we are planning a granny square scarf workshop for November!  This workshop will be held November 3rd, 10th, and 17th from 1pm to 2pm and will cover Granny Square construction, piecing and finishing.  Everything you will need to know to make a multitude of fun projects with Granny Squares.  They are so versatile you can make blankets, scarves, cardigans, vests, pillow covers, bags, even skirts.  It’s a great skill to have in your yarny arsenal.  More details soon about this workshop are coming soon!  Please email islandyarn@gmail.com if you are interested in either of these workshops. 

The Granny Square workshop will be our last for 2007.  In the new year, we are planning higher level workshops like lacework and entrelac.  If you have input on workshops you would like to attend in 2008, drop me an email at islandyarn@gmail.com.

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2 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday! New Vegan Yarns and more!

  1. Gorgeous colors and your new website is great! I haven’t been able to get in for awhile, but will definitely have to get there soon!

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