February Frenzy Sale and February’s Pattern of the Month!

First, the sale….In hopes of distracting all of us from the absolute suckitude that is February, we’re having a month long sale.  Everyday, we’ll have four different deals!  Here are the details: 

  • All month long, single patterns will be 25% off.
  • A different yarn each day….15% off
  • A different yarn each day….25% off
  • A different yarn each day….35% off
  • Come on in and take a little yarny break and see what’s on sale today!

    And…..the February pattern of the month: 


    Available February 1st to February 29th as the Island Yarn’s Pattern of the month (or while yarn supplies last).  These beautiful socks feature a spiraling rib and a short row heel.  This sport weight yarn, Great Adirondack’s superwash merino* is hand dyed in a variety of gorgeous colorways.  And with the size 3 needles it uses, it flies on your needles.  The pattern is free through the month of February when you purchase the suggested yarn, which is 1 ball of Great Adirondack superwash merino for women’s small or medium.  If you want to make it much longer, or the leg much higher, you may need a second ball, but the pattern is free with just one.

    *Although this is some of my favorite yarn, I just want to make you all aware that the dye did bleed onto my hands while I was knitting it, and I want to make sure everyone knows to soak the yarn or finished sock in Retain, vinegar, or your dye-setter of choice.

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