Charity Auction and Summer Pattern Contest!

Edited to say:  We’ll be open on Monday, May 26th, Memorial Day from 5-8:30pm.  Just because we all might need a knitting night decompression after a day of family picnics. 

Watch out….this could be a long-winded one! 

Ok, first off.  As a part of our Christmas in July event (this may be the first you are hearing of it?), we are planning on auctioning off several of our samples which use yarn that we no longer carry.  We’ve got about 5 ready to go, but I thought that it might be nice to include you guys in this (beyond bidding…which you will do, yes?).  So, until Thursday, June 26th, we will be accepting donations of finished goods to be auctioned off.  Love to knit lace, but don’t really wear it?  Finished a baby sweater when it was long outgrown?  These would be perfect!  I’ll be posting them on Ebay so as to widen the bidding audience, and Island Yarn will take care of all fees. posting pictures, and mailing.  All you have to do is drop something off, and choose one of these two charities for your proceeds to go to:

Doctors Without Borders…we all know about them, yes?  Go and read if you haven’t.  Incredible and a very worthy cause, especially after these shocking natural disasters.

Kiva…a great organization that pools money of contributors to provide micro-loans to people in developing areas trying to start or grow a business.  Go and read on this one too!  Very empowering and the neat part is…once the person you’ve lended to pays back their loan…you can loan it out again and help someone else!

As a thank you for helping with this auction, anyone who drops off an item will receive a coupon for 10% their next purchase.  Any questions about any of this….just email me at islandyarn AT gmail DOT com.


And next, I mentioned some design contests that will be taking place over the summer months.  Winning designs will be published in our first issue of our store zine Entangled and winners will also receive a $40 gift certificate to the store.  Here’s the basic jist.  Official Rules are posted on the side bar and must be printed and signed with your submission(s).

So, the 6 categories are:

Sweater Patterns

Sock Patterns

Other Accessory Patterns (hats, mittens, bags, shawls, etc…go crazy!)

Household patterns (pillows, blankets, etc…)

For the kids Patterns (clothes or toys 0-10 years)

Crochet Patterns (any item you wish)

You can submit as many patterns as you wish in any or all of the categories.  You do not have to drop off the actual items, but please be sure to include clear pictures that show off your pattern with your submission.  Suggested yarn for the pattern must be yarn sold at Island Yarn…if you have questions about what we carry, please give us a call or drop us an email.  Please be sure to include in your pattern, complete list of materials, gauge, and explanations for any abbrevations.  Patterns will be judge on originality, creativity, clarity, overall appeal, and relevance to the category entered.  Pattern submissions will be accepted until Saturday, August 9th via both email and hardcopy (either mail or hand-deliver).  We’ll notify the winners by August 17th.  That’s the basics.  Don’t forget to read the Official Rules, and send a signed copy in with your submissions. 

So there you have it.  Deep breath….I’m sure I forgot something.  Someone will tell me, right?

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