September Pattern of the Month


Available September 1st to September 3oth as the Island Yarn’s Pattern of the month.  

This pattern features a beautiful way to use up all your spare ends and misfit balls of yarn….make it into a gorgeous knitted quilt! The pattern gives instructions for fingering, sport/dk, and worsted weight yarns as well as a worksheet to help you determine needed yardage for any size blanket that you wish to make.

It’s all knit, so you don’t have to worry about anything too complicated and the only sewn seam is one up the center of each square. All other seams are accomplished without that darning needle! Don’t let those 1/4 balls and mismatched balls languish.

Pattern note: when choosing colors, be careful to not put your lightest color in the middle of the three color stripes. That line up will obscure the pinwheel and leave hints of another, much less diserable symbol. And like me, you will probably want to cry! After so many hours of work on a pinwheel….so be careful with that color line-up so that you will love every square of your blanket!   This pattern is free through the month of September, but works a little different than others.  Since it is meant to be a stash buster, it is free with any purchase over $30.  

CHANGE IN HOURS NOTICE: We will now be open from 12 to 5 on Wednesday and Friday.

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