Club Discount and Overflowing Sale Bin!!

One of the most fun benefits of the “Never Enough Yarn” Club is the chance to get first pick at our sales and events.  The night before any of these open, we have an early entry night, just for club members.  Our Great Adirondack Trunk Show will be the same.  Although it officially starts on July 1st, club members will have the chance to come in the evening on June 30th and get first pick of the gorgeous yarns that will be in the store for 2 weeks only. 
For one week only, from today, Wednesday June 17 to Wednesday June 24th, you can join the “Never enough Yarn” Club for the earlier introductory rate of $40.  For all the details and benefits, click here.  With the discount and the loyalty card, this turns out to be a great deal for you serious yarnies.   And this is the perfect time to join so that you can get your first pick of Great Adirondack yarns!
Also, in preparing for the Trunk Show (no idea where I’m putting it all!) I’ll be filling the sale bin full this whole week (17th-24th) and it will be 60% off regular price instead of the 50% you are used to.  Come on in and see if something strikes your fancy.  (By the way…club membership benefits apply to sale yarns as well so you can save a ton in that sale bin this week!)

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