August Pattern, Charity Hat Drive and Sunnet Bag Knit-a-long!

Feza Star

Available until August 31st as our pattern of the month…

This pattern grew out of two problems, both of which it solves. The first is my love of knitted skirts and my total disbelief that they will actually STAY on my body. The second is the demise of many of my favorite jeans. Perfect solution!  Directions allow you to make this skirt for any size and any length, just take the axe to a pair of jeans and you are ready to go!  It is made with Classic Elite’s Cotton Bam Boo, which is a beautiful summery sport weight yarn with a great drape. 

This pattern requires 3-8 balls of Classic Elite Cotton Bamboo.  This pattern is free through the month of August with purchase of suggested yarn.


Charity Hat Drive

September is Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society cites that, “every 4 minutes one person is diagnosed with a blood cancer”. Blood cancers originate in the bone marrow or lymphatic tissues. If you or someone you care about is experiencing symptoms such as persistent low grade fever, unexplained weight loss, tiredness, shortness of breath, or a loss of well-being, please see a healthcare provider soon. For more information visit


The Island Yarn Shop is sponsoring a 6-week long session of hat making for patients who are in need (or want) of new head wear. From now until September 11, we are inviting all of you to join us. Knit or crochet as many hats as you can from now until then. Be sure to ask at the shop about a special discount on selected yarns you wish to purchase for this project. Don’t forget to ask for the free pattern too!


On September 11, bring in your hat(s), and stay for awhile. From 5-8 pm we will be finishing up any unfinished hats. There will be a prize for the person who turns in the most knitted or crocheted hats. There will also be a drawing for a door prize.


September 11 was chosen as the collection date because we would like to commemorate that day by performing a good deed. Check out our intention by visiting


The hats will be sent to the Hat Box Foundation,, an organization that distributes hats to patients.


I’m not much of a cheer leading type, but here’s my attempt:

RAH! Now get out there and make some hats!


Knit-A-Long News!

Blanket Book1 045

Our next Knit-a-long will be The Sunnet Bags, which were our pattern of the month back in March!  These are fun, gratifying knits so come on in and make one with us.  We informally started this one on August 6th, but it will run through August…plenty of time!

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