Charity Project Beginning April 1st

We’re starting a new charity project April 1st…no fooling!  We’ll be knitting  and crocheting squares for From Hearts to Hands founded by Kristie Rampton. 

From Hearts to Hands is an organization that creates blankets to be given to those who need them most.  Some of the blankets are sent to the Charles Foundation in China.  The Charles Foundation supports orphans.  Blankets are also sent to the African country of Lesotho which gets bitterly cold in the winter.  They are received by mothers who have just given birth.  Often the babies are born with HIV.

So, for the month of April, we hope you will join us in making squares to send for these blankets.  Squares should be as close to 10 x 10 inches as possible.  A little too small is better than a little too large.  Use any pattern or design you want.  *Casting on 9 inches will usually give you 10 inches finished.*  We will be collecting squares until May 6th.

There will be a prize for the person who brings in the most finished squares.  And you know what fabulous prizes Vicki comes up with, so dig right in!  I’ve already got 13 made…no, I’m just kidding.

Posted by Joybelle

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