COMBO CLUB! (do you hear me yelling?) I’ve been making these luscious hanks of combo yarns and they seem to be quite a hit.  (Pictures will be up soon here and on etsy or come into the store and fondle!)  They make great, quick 1 skein scarves.  You will feel so productive, you won’t even know what to do!  Its a great project for beginners all the way to experienced knitters who need a little brainless, entertaining knitting.  Starting May 29th and for the following 4 months (mystery hanks will by in the store the last Saturday of the month)  you will receive an original combo hank.  That means, by the end of September, you could have FIVE  gorgeous scarves (or gifts already under your belt for the looming holidays)!  If you are local and will pick up your hanks at the store, the cost is $100 for the whole shebang.  If you want your hanks mailed, the cost is $115.  This means that COMBO CLUB! is open to the greater knitting community and if you know someone who is not local and may want to participate, spread the word.  These hanks could also be great gifts for knitters in and of themselves.  Stop by the store, call, or email (islandyarn AT gmail DOT com) to sign up!  If 20 people sign up, we’ll give away a free bonus hank to one lucky clubber at the end of September!

Deadline to sign-up is May 22nd.

One thought on “COMBO CLUB!

  1. You’d better sign me up. How did we miss doing this last week when I was heating up that credit card?

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