We now interupt your regularly scheduled knit-a-long with another knit-a-long!

So, it took a PhD to tell me that I should have only posted two options for that summer sweater knit-a-long.  Genius, I know.  While I figure out what to do, or try to familiarize myself with 3 different patterns (or wait for a clear winner to emerge….hint…hint) we are going to do a little 3-week long knit-a-long to distract and amuse.  Starting May 13th and running thru the end of May, we are going to be working on Sunshine Bags on Thursday nights!

This is an adapted version of the Sunburst Sling Bags (tweaked to the hilt by someone who just can’t leave well enough alone).  I have the pattern available in the store.  It’s great fun….quick and gratifying.   These two appeared out of no where in about 4 days. You’ll need 1 (for the small) or 2 balls of Feza Alp Oriental.  It can be done with other bulky weight yarns, but please remember that we ask you to use yarn from Island Yarn for knit-a-longs.

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