WWKIP Events!!

The genius planners of World Wide Knit In Public Day must’ve realized that we often miss the one day when distracted with other things.  So we have a whole week to be outward bound knitters!  Here’s what we have planned:
June 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19:  Free lessons for new knitters right outside the shop!  Take a lunch break from 12:30-1:30 and come and learn to knit!  Have a friend who has been saying that they want to learn….this is the perfect opportinity!  We will have an easy, free pattern and yarn for the new knitters.
Monday, June 14 and Thursday, June 17th: Our regular knit-nights will be outside (weather permitting….).  Time to shock the plaza full of people with all the beauties you have been knitting!
Thursday, June 17th: Official Deadline for our Charity knitting project.  Get those squares in before 7:00pm so that we can hand out a great prize to our biggest contributor!
Saturday, June 19th: Kick off of Knitting Around the Park!  Sometimes, I feel like I’ve created a life that is all too sedentary….walking around with a mindless project really helps me get up and out into the fresh air (and it really freaks people out!).  You can get through that mindless boredom of your sock-foot and have a little light exercise at the same time!  After closing at 5, we’ll head over to Lowell Field (just around the corner) and walk a few laps with our knitting.  You’ll need a small, mindless project and something to hold your yarn.  We’ll continue this event throughout the summer and fall after closing time on Saturdays (weather permitting of course).

One thought on “WWKIP Events!!

  1. Hey sounds good… I think the mindless knitting and walking idea works for moi! See you then! But I will try and get there one of these evenings. I was all set to go Monday and I had a toddler throw a fit because I was “leaving him” . Good Grief!

    Your site looks great!

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