March Pattern of the Month! Yum!

I know I’m not really supposed to play favorites, but as all of you have seen with the yarn hanging on the wall, I do.  This month’s Pattern of the Month is definitely one of my all time favorites and knitted with a yarn that rivals cashmere!

Brioche Twist with Latte!  This pattern includes instructions for this luscious cabled brioche hat, mittens and scarf! Ella Rae Latte screamed “I want to be Brioche” (it used Felicia’s voice, but there was definite screaming) and this was the result.

Brioche adds a super squishy loft to this already super soft yarn and makes your hands want to weep with happiness!  The entire set requires 4 balls of each of 2 colors of Ella Rae Latte.  You can get this pattern for free with the purchase of 2 balls Ella Rae Latte (enough for the hat).

For more about this pattern, check this out!

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