May Pattern of the Month – Pergola!

Do you all know what cashmere wrapped around your neck does to you?  It makes your craptastic days turn into good days.  I’ve been wearing this shawl/shawlette for a couple of months now, while tweaking the pattern and its time to spread the love!

Pergola is made with our own Reclaimed Cashmere or Reclaimed Brocade.  Its made from the tip-up, so you can choose if you want it to be a shawlette or a full size wrap-up shawl.  The smaller end requires about 600 yards and the knitting is endlessly luscious.  It’s possible that the words, “I just want to knit with cashmere FOREVER” became a bit repetitive while I was working on this.

The mesh makes it light, but the cashmere makes it warm.  A great, easy lace project for you to indulge in!

You can get this pattern for free through the month of May with the purchase of 3 balls of any Island Yarn Reclaimed yarns!

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