Anyone knitting a Turkey Cozy?

Ergh.  Black Friday.  I like to pretend the mania doesn’t exist, but word has it, as a store owner, that I’m stoopid for those imaginary ways.  So I’ve been back and forth about what to do, if anything, and here’s the plan.  Tell me what you love.  🙂  Take yourself over here:  Tell me what your most favorite thing is (yarn and color…gotta be specific) here, tonight before midnight and starting tomorrow it will be on sale until Monday at midnight.  The more of you who post, the more things will be on sale (and yes, I’m smooshing the Wednesday sale into the whole thing because I couldn’t possibly come up with 2 different sale ideas for one week.)  As always, local peeps….if you let me know that you want to pick up your yarns at the store, I’ll refund your shipping charges. 🙂

And in the store on Friday and Saturday, we’ll have some warm spiced cider and cookies so there will be a great place to escape and knit for a bit.  And, if you happen to finish something in the store on Friday or Saturday, I just might be able to find a wee prize for you.  Time to get those gifts cranking off the needles!  Also, come Friday, the FIVE December patterns of the month will be in the store and ready for their head start!  One more to write up and photograph, but you can see the other four here:

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