Hand-dyed Cowl Club!

We all love cowls, don’t we? They are quick and fun to knit, immensely useful, and can be absolutely gorgeous and pleasurable to wear.

With Cowl Club membership, each month, from January to May, you will receive a kit with a brand new cowl pattern and the Island Yarn hand-dyed yarn to make it with. They’ll range from lacey and delicate to warm and squishy.

You can also buy a club membership for anyone as a gift – just let us know in the purchase email that it’s a gift and we will send a certificate to that person letting them know that they have lots of luscious knitting coming over the next 5 months!

Please include 3 or so color preferences in your order…just as a guideline. The colors will be a surprise, but we want to know we’re sending the yarns to the happiest, loving homes.

Deadline to join the club is Saturday, December 30th. Kits will be mailed, every month, starting in January between the 8th and the 11th.

PLEASE NOTE that the cowls in the picture are all previous patterns and available on Ravelry. They are meant to be an example of cowl love only…the cowl patterns you will get will be brand new!

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