January Pattern of the month! Baabaa Bento!

Baabaa Bento!

I’m pretty dedicated to not making New Year’s Resolutions.  Having never kept a single one, I know now that resolution is a direct translation for “there’s no way you are going to do this for more than 5 days.”  But somehow, with all the gluttony and mayhem that comes with the holidays, I still have secret, non-resolution desires…to be more organized….more healthy…you know they main ones.

This pattern of the month has been percolating for a long time, but then I thought January may be the BEST month for it.  Instead of spending another month eating my weight in pizza because I have forgotten lunch, I’m trying to pack lunches and there is no more fun of a way than with Bentos!  If you aren’t familiar, Bentos are little Japanese lunch boxes, usually multi-layered and/or with compartments.  Packing them is really fun and there’s almost no way that they don’t end up being healthier than the slab of pizza.

So this month brings you?  A felted tote perfect to carry your bento (or any lunch ) in!

Yuh know what that says on the front?  It says lunch in Japanese!  Heehee!  Many thanks to my 2 sources who helped me figure that out because I was having no luck without them!  There are two sizes available in the pattern…the lighter one is more the size of your typical brown bag and the other gives you a bit more space for a water bottle…or a second bento if you work really long hours.

Also, because I haven’t found a local place to get the bentos I like, I ordered a few to have in the store.  They are super cute and will be $13.95 if you are interested in going all out!

This pattern requires just one ball of Noro Kureyon (now see how thematic that is!) and 1 ball of Cascade 220 and you will get the pattern for free through January with purchase of those!

If you want to check out some fun bento sites, here are a few:



and a flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/groups/396900@N24/pool/

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