Cast-on Mania February!

I bet you all knew there would be a story behind this, didn’t you? I’m so predictable.

So last year, our good friend Felicia participated in something call Cast-on Mania February with another group. The purpose was to combat the general doldrums of February by doing something we knitters all love to do every day….cast on something new.

Sure, it was crazy. And we generally all poked a lot of fun at the level of crazy that this plan was. But then a strange thing started happening around mid-February….ENVY! “I wanna cast-on something new,” was heard throughout the store making the crazy contagious. Since then, I’ve thought it might be fun to just jump in this February and do it ourselves….complete with a big ole prize!

So here are the rules:

  1. Post a list here of what you plan to cast on everyday. Lists do not have to be complete and can be amended.
  2. Post pictures if you can….especially when you finish something in the midst of all the starting!
  3. Parts of projects count (this may be specific for a big cheater like me….but I don’t want you exclusive sweater knitters to lose your minds). A sleeve can be one day, and the left front another day.

How do you win the prize? You get points….and each point is like a raffle entry. I’ll tally them up at the end of February and little (not little) Aja will pull the winner.

You can get points just for making your list –
Post your partial list – 1 point
Post your complete list – 3 points
Post your complete list with links to patterns (always good to reward your designers with a little linky!) – 5 points

You’ll get another point for every picture you take and post here. And 2 bonus points for every FO you manage to churn out in the mania…you’ll need to share it with the group so we know and can keep track.

Like knitting, you might notice its about the process and you’ll still have all your points even if you miss a day or two (of course, you’ll have more if you don’t).

And for those who manage to cast-on every day – 10 more points at the end of February. 🙂

Yeah…it might be too complicated, the main point is do your best! And have fun forgetting that February exists!

And the prize? I’m putting together a big gift basket with hand-dyed yarns, reclaimed cashmere, and pattern books for the winner (minimum value of $200)! Those of you who have seen the baskets in the past know I like to make it worth it!

It’s a great way to clear out your queue…try all those things you have been meaning to try for ages. And if you don’t finish a couple…who cares? You could still end up with 20+ FO’s and/or an awesome prize!

Ready, set…start your planning!

2 thoughts on “Cast-on Mania February!

  1. This is so crazy – it may actually work! Instead of thinking about what I WANT to be knitting while I’m knitting something else – I can actually start it. I’m going to try it!!

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