Destash challenge!

Well, somehow I’ve managed to keep up with the destashing…so much has been donated and repurposed.   We are well over 100 LBS now…which has made a silly little goal land in my head.  I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we got to 1000 LBS in one year?  Then someone said, “Wow, a 1/2 a ton?!”  And the deal was sealed…there’s no way I can look a silly challenge like 1/2 TON in the face and not give it a try!

So…as an added enticement…I’m going to give 2 bonus certificates to the person who destashes the most in each month (I’ll try it at least through April and then see if we go on).  We are starting with February and right now, the leader has destashed 13 lbs.  I’ll try to keep updated with the leader amount and definitely post before the last day of the month that I’m open.  Sound fun?

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