Last Still Stitching

So, a few of us have a couple of projects to move through, yes?  I’m glancing at the cast-on mania-ers, but all you other knitters and crocheters are right in my line of sight too!  So here we go with a new silly game…this one to help you make some progress on your projects (both those started and those that are still just in your mind).

Here’s what you do:

1. Sign up on this thread with an “I’m in” post by Saturday, March 10th at midnight.

2.  Do 10 rows per day on ANY project.  Have a rough day and can’t churn through 10 on the back of that sweater, work on a scarf that day instead, but do your 10 rows per day.  (I know most of you have a FEW projects to choose from).

3.  Using clipping stitch markers, mark your progress, and take pictures so that we can all see.  You MUST do this at least once per week…accounting for each day since your last post.  If it’s easier, you can save them all for one big post once a week, or you can post everyday….or anything in between.  If you do multiple days in one post…maybe attach a little paper to each marker showing which day it is.

4.  Sunday mornings, I’ll go through and see who is still on track…if you have missed a day, or haven’t posted, you’ll be eliminated.  Whoever is the last one to still be churning out the 10 rows per day will win a fabulous prize!

Since this is totally a new thing I’m gonna say we need a minimum of a dozen to sign up, but I’m hoping that won’t be any big problem.  Also, yes…you can CO new things, but you have to do 10 rows in addition to the CO for that day.

Does that all make sense?  Sound fun?

Yes….I really am placing bets in my head about who will be the Last Still Stitching.

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