May pattern of the month! Back to socks!

Some of you may remember those 7 pairs of socks that I made for my mom’s 70th?  Well since then, I’ve not exactly had the sock mojo.  Until Papyrus.  Papyrus is the newest addition to the wall of hand-dye love and it’s fairly irresistible.  Irresistible enough to make me finally take (at least a brief) a step away from the Combo Fibers.  8 Super fine plies of superwash merino make this yarn a dyeing and a knitting dream!  And so, May’s pattern of the month?  Mirren Socks!

I designed these socks with those super contrast-y hand-dyes in mind.  You know when you need just a little more interest than a basic sock?  This all-over pattern is just the thing!  Mirren socks will be free with the purchase of one hank of Papyrus through the month of May.

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