It’s getting to be that Cast-on Mania time of year again!

We’ve been talking a lot about cast-on mania in the store, and I think the jury is still out about whether we are doing it or not this year, so what do you all think?  If you are wondering what it is, here’s a blurb from last year’s COM:

The purpose of Cast-on Mania February is to combat the general doldrums of February by doing something we knitters all love to do every day….cast on something new.

Sure, it was crazy. And we generally all poked a lot of fun at the level of crazy that this plan was. But then a strange thing started happening around mid-February….ENVY! “I wanna cast-on something new,” was heard throughout the store making the crazy contagious. Since then, I’ve thought it might be fun to just jump in this February and do it ourselves….complete with a big ole prize!

Yes, it was insane, but tons of fun.  So here’s a poll for you so I know where you all stand –

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