Week in Review!

It has been a busy week over here at Island Yarn! Now that the temps are getting chillier, it seems that everyone is gravitating to Cashmere and Bulky yarns. Luckily, that leads to a lot of fun!


First off…knit night on Monday (apologies, distraction made me forget to snap the Thursday knit-night pic):


From 12 Clockwise, we have, a freshly started shawl (which is going to have to get a hair bigger before I can identify it), a highly modified Hitofude to be warm and cozy in Cashmere Parfait, a nearly completely cardigan that hopefully we’ll see in a finished object photo soon, a so-close Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, a freshly started Aryia in Reclaimed Cashmere, and fabulous progress on a Center-panel vest in Noro Silk Garden Solos.

And for your knit night words of wisdom…We often have a little bit of talk about all the shows we are watching.  The wisdom we gleaned this week from all that talk, don’t use a coupon when finding a hitman.  Two-for-one specials are unlikely to go well.


Jane came in wearing her finished Hitofude in Magenta Pagoda.  Fabulous job!  It was a gift, but I convinced her she needed to break it in (and show off) before shipping it to her lucky recipient.

7 6


This beautiful, freshly designed shawl also came walking in!  Sarah from Subito Farms is the talent behind this one-skein Pagoda shawl.  Not sure she has it written up yet, but pay attention here to get it hot off the press.




And though it is an attic blocking picture, some power knitting lead to finishing a third Hitofude!




Don’t miss the appearance of our Lucky Cowl Kits both in the store and online.  This kit is 100% Reclaimed Cashmere and would make the perfect gift!  Give it to the special knitter in your life, as is, or make up the cowl and give it to a very lucky friend (or maybe realize you’ve earned it this year, and keep it for yourself)!  Tons of great color combos available.   Check out all the details here.

4 3




And really, what is life without pet pictures?

Poof cat had something to add, but was just too darn shy when it came down to it.  2

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