Week in Review #2

We survived the deluge this week!  Did all of you?  I thought I might walke up in OZ on Thursday morning, but the purring black cat woke me instead of a cyclone.



Monday we had a relatively quiet night, though delightful company.  The brown is a Center-panel Vest in Reclaimed Cashmere, then a gorgeous feather and fan shawl that Karen is writing up the pattern for in Island Yarn Cashmere Parfait and Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal, and the Double-deco shawl almost finished in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and Filatura Gioiello from Nancy.

Btw…the spell checker doesn’t think donegal is a word.  As IF!  Hmph!


Thursday knit night, by comparison, was somewhat of a fun time at the zoo!  🙂  Starting at 12 o’clock, going clockwise…a Hitofude in Magenta Pagoda, a skirt in progress from Wren (who else?!), a freshly started pair of leg-warmers inspired by the latest Sundance catalog,  another Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda, first stripe of a Lucky Cowl, a skirt “renovation” from guess who (?), a Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, and a sneak peak at our next fun project in Velvet, all backgrounded a finished shawl that you’ll see below!  Shockingly enough, there were 2 more Hitofude‘s that walked in later!



Karen finished that gorgeous purple shawl that was in the Monday knit night picture!  I’ll be sure to post a link when she gets the pattern written up, or you can stalk her here.  Made from Island Yarn Cashmere Parfait and Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal.


She also finished this delicious shawl made from an exclusive in-store hand-dye, Dulcette and Cashmere Parfait.  It is a variation on the Sick Day Pi Shawl and  sooooo very soft and cozy!




And this wasn’t freshly finished, but I was happy to see Jen wearing her awesome Brioche hat to keep warm this blustery week!



And Mary came in to pick up her made-just-for-her Hitofude from Karen!  She was delighted!!



There are three new colors up of our lucky cowl kit!


Chocolate covered Berries






Cloudy Day



You guys shocked me last week with 4:1 saying you prefer metal needles!  I totally prefer metal needles (the more slippery and pointy, the better!), but I’ve felt totally in the minority about this lately.  Wonder what you will all say this week?

And finally….this cat.  The ultra-spoiled cashmere wrapped cat.  She wants you to know that is REALLY is a tough life.  That is all.


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