Week in Review #3

Hello yarn-ers!  Did you all remember to set your clocks back last night?  And are you New Englanders enjoying your first blast of winter?  I caved and turned on my heat last night.  November 1st and first snow…I’m gonna pretend there’s no shame in that!  😉



Yuh know, I really do try to pile them up in a circular fashion, but this appears to be one big pile o’ Cashmere.  Better for diving into, than identifying!  It looks like there are 3 Lucky Cowls on top of a Hitofude and teal sweater, so that’s what we are going with!  Maybe Thursday’s will be easier….


Yes!  I can do this one.  From 12 o’clock, Hitofude in Magenta Pagoda, Lucky Cowl, Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda, Crochet shawl in Ella Rae Classic, trial run of a cashmere hat that you’ll see later this month, all backgrounded by a snuggly blanket in Katia Peru.



Janice came in with her gorgeous finished Lucky Cowl!  It looked so great with her outfit!  And I can’t tell you how it improves your outlook on life to have cashmere areound your neck on a raw day like yesterday!


Janice also (lots of finishing!) was sporting her snuggly Vines hat.  This is her second.  It is a super fun (and free!) pattern for our Combo Fibers, but it is also a great stash busters for those little bits of leftovers (and a lot quicker than starting a never-ending scrap blanket!).


Fresh off the needles (which is code for “will be blocked this week), another lovely variation of the Sick Day Pi Shawl from Karen.  This one is made with Ali-Cat handspun and Baked Apple Dulcette (a special hand-dye only available in store).


Don’t Blink is our new pattern up for Velvet!  3 different colorways to make you a gorgeous and distinct hat and cowl set!  This pattern will be free until Saturday on Ravelry, but if you come in to get your 3 skeins of Velvet, I’ll have a free print-out for you!  🙂

7 6


Some of the colors of the Lucky Cowl kit are starting to dwindle.  These will likely only be around through the holidays, so get yours while there are still some to get!



And since the world is super cowl-y out there….I set up this portion of the wall o’ color to inspire you all to make a “snowmageddon” cowl as it has been named.  It’s the Gap-tastic cowl with a strand of Combo Fibers and strand of a super soft bulky – those hanging on the wall are the insanely luscious Juniper Moon Herriot Great!  The two together make this cowl endlessly entertaining!




The process knitters came out and spoke last week with 2/3’s of you preferring the middle….zone out and knit part of projects the most.  NO ONE chose finishing…..sigh!  I was hoping to track down a finisher for everyone to buddy up to!  😉


A cat!


I’m not opening my eyes until that stuff stops falling from the sky!

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