Week in Review #4

Phew….yarn is dyed, stew is simmering, bread is rising!  I can finally get the Week in Review done!



Monday, 12 o’clock, Cashmere hat for new pattern, Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, Lucky Cowl, crochet shawl in Ella Rae Classic, crochet shawl in Goldenrod Pagoda.


Thursday, 12 o’clock, shawl for new pattern in Cranberry Pagoda and Siam, Hitofude in Antilles Pagoda, Lucky Cowl, amazing orange sweater, Hitofude in Midnight Thicket Pagoda, crochet shawl in Ella Rae Classic, and Center Panel Vest in Noro Silk Garden Solos.

Busy knit nights, right?


Nancy finished this amazing Double Deco shawl on Monday.  She used 3 colors of Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and 1 color Gioiello.  Absolutely gorgeous!



We got a blocked picture of Karen’s newly finished shawl from last week.  🙂  She used Alicat Handspun and Island Yarn hand-dye Dulcette.  So nommy!


Whitney wore her beautiful Noro skirt in on Thursday.  This was from the F/W 2013 issue of the Noro Magazine and she used Kureyon and Ella Rae Classic.  Fantastic!


And Jane brought in her newly off the needles Sick Day Shawl.  She used Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and Plymouth Zino.  Beautiful!!




Brioche Twist has been freshly revamped for our delicious yarn Chesterfield!  It will be free for one week!  Get it fast!  The colors used in the sample were Pansy and Blacklight…have a ball pairing up your two colors!



Lucky Cowl Kits are still available but we’ll be making space for Don’t Blink Kits soon, so time is a-ticking!



I actually have a few other obsessions beside yarn which are often cooking related….finding/making the perfect recipe for things like veggie burgers, quinoa salads, granola bars, breads.  And of course perfection is defined as yummy, healthy, and relatively quick and easy to put together.  Last week, I was going to post this recipe, but my browser kept crashing, so here we go.

Commercially made granola bars make me weirdly angry.  The should be healthy, and they just usually aren’t.  And when they are, they taste overly healthy.  There’s the root of this particular obsession.  These are nearly perfect (to me) though they are still a bit crumbly, they are tasty enough for me to ignore that.

Ingredients –

1 cup rolled oats

@ 6 cups mixture seeds and nuts/fruit (I used 1/2 cup each sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, dried apples, peanuts, dark chocolate chips, 1/4 cup flax meal and 1 TBSP Chia Seeds)  If your big stuff is whole – like the almonds, put them in a ziplock and smash them up with the smashing implement of your choice.

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/4 agave syrup

1/4 honey

Toast in a dry pan the oats with any nuts that are raw for a few minutes, stirring or shaking constantly.  Combine with all other dry ingredients (if using chocolate, let it cool before adding those.  Combine Peanut Butter, Agave and Honey.  Drizzle over dry ingredients and combine well.  Press very firmly into a pan lined with plastic wrap*.  Allow to rest for 30 minutes or so.  Cut into bars, squares, whatever you like and wrap each.

*I actually used Onigiri molds, which worked REALLY well.  Lined with plastic wrapped, scooped a bunch of the mixture in, pressed and then finished wrapping.


It looks like a BIG majority of knitters are knitting for the holidays.  There are gonna be some lucky friends and relatives out there this year!



Don’t wake me until Monday is over.

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