Week in review #8

Hello everyone!  I hope the holiday season is treating you well and that your gifts are flying off the needles!



Well my sister and I were busily ripping apart the store, but others were representing and knitting their fingers off!  On a bed of an Underground Magic in Gatsby Siam, there is a tunisian crochet cowl, the collar of an Aryia Sweater, an Underground Magic in Driftwood, and a Lucky Cowl.  Gorgeous, on and all!


From 12 o’clock, #20 hat for Mary Beth, a Lucky Cowl, the tunisian crochet cowl from above (and below), the fabulous orange sweater that we are desperately waiting to see finished, a lovely crochet shawl almost done, a quick knit baby blanket, all on a bed of Underground Magic in Cobblestone Noki.


So many pretties are coming walking in lately!  Sadly, I missed a couple pictures this week, but we loads of good ones!

First a Snowmageddon from Lisa!  (These are extremely easy…one strand of Island Yarn Combo Fibers with one strand of something soft and fluffy.  We’ve been using Juniper Moon Herriot Great.)  Isn’t it gorgeous?


Next…a bunch of Underground Magic!


Carol finished this one in Grapes of Wrath Pagoda.  Beautiful!


Karen finished this one with two skeins of Gatsby Siam.  She was the first to try out a less drapey yarn, so she used about 2/3’s of a second ball, but it is SO snuggly and gorgeous!  Totally worth the second skein!


Those of you who know Karen know she is extremely prolific so she also finished another one is Noki in Cobblestone.  I cannot even tell you how I almost stole this one as I have been dreaming of making one in Noki.  And she is here with her mom, Nancy, with that fabulous crochet cowl she made this week.


My sister and I accomplished a whole lot while she was here, and just PART of that mix was this awesome set she made out of Twilight Velvet.  So fabulous!


Jane sent me this great picture of her finished Sick Day Shawl.  Made with Cashmere Parfait and some mystery yarn from her stash.  So luscious!


And Karen and Nancy (combined effort) finished off this gorgeous shawl for another knitter friend.  They used Hand-dyed Dulcette in Tanzanite.  What a lucky friend!!


There were BIG, BIG changes in the store this week.  I believe “It is like a whole new store” was heard several times, so come on in and see!  My sister helped me make everything pretty for you!!

I hope you got a chance to peruse our Snuggle Pattern for last week.  We now have Velvet and Roma in stock so that you can get through a bunch before holidays.


We’re going to have one more charity auction this month, but I didn’t get the teenager home in time to get a picture, so I’m hoping it will go up Tuesday.  Stay tuned!

I’ve made the Underground Magic pattern free for the rest of the year as a little gift for all of you.  Don’t for get to check out the video if you haven’t yet.  It’s a great giggle!


Which brings me to our poll!  I’m going to make two more patterns free for the rest of the year, vote on which you want!  I put a few choices here, but click here and then you can add your own if you have a choice.  Grrrr!  I tested the “other” but it won’t actually add those to the voting list, so leave a comment on this post if you want a different pattern than those shown.  Thanks!

And just in case you have a swarming cat problem in your house, the cat traps really do work!


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