Week in Review, 1/24/15

Hello to all of you on this snowy morning!  We have a pretty quick week in review to do this week and then some weather stalking.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be open regular hours today, but call ahead just to be sure, ok?


Monday – loads of BIG projects getting a lot of progress!


And a nice blurry picture for Thursday!  Don’t ask me why….maybe someone made me chuckle at just the right moment.



IMAG0182 IMAG0178

Karen finished these two gorgeous shawls out of Alicat Handspun!


Anne finished this super cute hat out of the Louisa Harding Akiko Book!


And Sally finished her Lucky Cowl….her first knit project in YEARS!  Didn’t she do great?!



This happened.  Oh, it is just so delightful to knit, I can’t even tell you.  We’re still having 10% off Paloma for this particular project until the end of the month….combined with your punchcard, you’ll save about $80!  🙂

And also, TONS of new Cashmere in the week!


So much warmy softness!  Aren’t you dyeing to dive in!?

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