Week in Review, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog’s Day Everyone!  I have to say…the snow outside AGAIN, is making me feel like it is Groundhog’s Day AGAIN.  Didn’t we just do this?  Ah well!  At least it makes for some indulgent fun knitting time that we probably wouldn’t have other wise.


Well, just one knit night.  We embarked on knit night last Monday, but closed up early before remember to snap a picture.  So here’s Thursday!




Janice is hiding behind these awesome mittens she made from our Reclaimed Merino.


Jane finished of her Underground Magic in Marianas Pagoda!  Apprehensive that she wouldn’t like it the whole time knitting it, but hasn’t taken it off since!


Jane came in wearing her gorgeous new hat made out of Black Currant Velvet.  So gorgeous and snuggly!  Her lucky sister got one too!


I was very happy for Tuesday’s snow day because it meant that I was able to finish #2 for this year.  I love, love, love this one!  It is St Brigid by Alice Starmore from her book Aran Knitting.  And I used Ella Rae Sport.



Our featured color this week was Trenzalore, in honor of Dr Who and Netflix renewing their contract.  There was a great sigh of relief in our house!  February will bring all flowers….to remind you that there are flowers hidden in wait under the snow.


We also got delicious new Louisa Harding Cassia this week.  Superwash/Nylon DK…makes it perfect for SO many knits….socks, kids stuff, hats, sweaters…..you name it!


And this poof cat is pondering why everyone complains about the snow.  It is great cat tv after all!


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