Color Affection/Hoxley KAL starts Thursday, June 18th!

Before the summer solstice actually happens, we’re going to start our, eh-hem, SPRING(/SUMMER) KAL! This Thursday we’ll be starting the Shades Shawl KAL. There are two options for this one….if you missed our Color Affection KAL a few years back and have been hankering to make one (or another one) or if Hoxley has been flirting with you over the past month or so, this is the KAL for you! Pop in and pick up yarn this week and get started with us on Thursday, June 18th!


For those of you who aren’t local, check in to your local stores to see if they have Shades kits, but if not, you can order here:

IMAG0557Whenever you post a progress pic (as a reply to our Thursday knit-night picture) you’ll earn an entry for our KAL drawing at the end and could win a delightful prize. Those of you AT Thursday knit night, with a Hoxley or Color Affection in the picture will be automatically entered for that night. I’ll decide on the drawing date after I get a sense of how fast people are knitting through, but I’m thinking mid-August


You can see the projects with more pictures and details on my page here:
Hope to see you!

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