Nostalgia and Clouds

Fading strands is an older pattern of mine. It’s actually a wonderful project for learning to do stranded knitting because there are no charts, and there are stripey breaks from training your hands to strand. When it came out, my girl was just 11 years old and looked like this:3881363140_33fb6cbe1f_z

Today, this pattern is improved even more with my new obsession Amitola Grande and the delightful, cloud-like, brand new Katia Cotton Merino! But today, in this picture:


my girl is 17. Beautiful, sweet, smart, funny and an all around delight to be around. But 17…entering her senior year soon. So, all you Moms or anyone who gets totally shocked by time, can send me a little virtual cloudy hug over these two pictures and the weird blink-of-an-eye passage of time that they represent, right? Sigh…

Meanwhile, I’ll be casting on some more comforting, soft yarn. The pattern can be found here:
And the yarns here:

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