NEW needles!! And check out ALL that Rivulet that I added!!
I used to think I wasn’t that picky about needles. Metal, bamboo, plastic….whatever.  As long as I had needles, I was happy.  And I still maintain that crappy needles are better than no needles at all, but I seem to getting more and more attached to certain needles. I’m here to gush about Chiaogoo Red Lace. These needles are fabulous! Everything I desire in a needle. Pointy, pointy, smooth finish, non-curly cord, and perfection in the join! Since our big shipment of Chiaogoo needles has just landed, we’re celebrating!
Spend $50 on anything and save 20% on any needles you add to your order! The code you need is CANYOUSPELLCHIAOGOO
This code is good through Wednesday, 9/30 at 10PM.

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