Nine Weeks!


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I hate to say this to you, I really do. And though my daughter claims that it is improper to speak of those holidays before Halloween, it is, in fact less than nine weeks until Christmas and only SIX weeks until Hanukkah! As knitters and crocheters, you know, the time for churning out the gifts is upon us. I’ve already seen the organized among us bringing in lists to pick out various quick projects to make for their loved ones. With that in mind, we are here to bring you the Holiday countdown of quick gifts!
Mostly because it is already on many needles for gifts, Stratus is getting our first week! (Also because it is “quick”, not quick like the things will be showing out the last couple of weeks of crunch time.)

For more color inspiration, see these on ravelry:…/library/stratus-cowl-2/people

There’s not a dud among the gorgeous cowls we’ve seen completed in the store, so choose with abandon…you won’t go wrong.

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