The BIG, IMPORTANT Announcement

I’ve had a stressful few weeks in the store that started with a letter from the landlord informing me that he was going to be doubling the rent.  I hope that NONE of you ever get such a letter.  It is no fun.  And as many of you remember, this is often the letter that means the yarn shop is closing.  So, I went right to work draining my cell phone battery and calling everywhere to try to find space that was affordable and had parking and even tried to explore some more “creative” options.  (Knit a store, anyone?)  And all I found were dead-ends.  Until, the perfect space came up….just down the road on Main Street in Maynard.

Take a deep breath.  It is much closer than you think….I’ve clocked it several times.  From the Market Basket in Waltham, 20 minutes.  That’s all.  And not 20 minutes of congested Waltham driving, but 20 minutes of  -open-the-windows-and-relax driving.  Gorgeous and easy to find.

Though I’m sad to leave our current space and certainly wouldn’t have chosen to go if I didn’t have to, I’m excited to put together the new space, and I know you guys are all going to love it!  And for those of you that can’t make it as often as you would like, bookmark us here!  You can always shop online and we’ll get your goodies to you (you can even drop me a call or email to get some guidance before you order).
We’ll have loads of information in the coming weeks, but as it stands now, Island Yarn will be moving to 189 Main Street, Maynard at the end of July.  We also think it might be time for an hours tweak, so if you have an opinion, please share it with us here!

36 thoughts on “The BIG, IMPORTANT Announcement

  1. I think this is brilliant. Maynard is an up-and-coming town. The historic mill complex is undergoing extensive renovations by Margulies Perrizzi, which will bring in a lot of new workers. The downtown business association is well organized and sponsors several beloved events throughout the year. That building is right across the street from a very active summer farmers market. In the last 4 years, we’ve lost yarn stores in Sudbury, Lexington, and Acton, so you will attract customers from a wide area. At the intersection of routes 62 (Concord), 117 (Waltham), and 27 (Sudbury/Acton), it’s easy and relatively traffic-free to get to. Congratulations and welcome!

  2. I’m excited, only about 15-20 minutes for me to get to Maynard from Clinton. I’ll be coming in to visit once you get moved.

  3. Monday is a quiet day in Maynard. If you’d like to come chat over coffee before you get here, I’d love to talk to you about your business. I’m a Maynard artists, a milliner. I also keep a small, local blog about Maynard called the Maynard Grapevine.

  4. Welcome to the area. It will be fun (and dangerous) to have a yarn shop within walking distance. You will be filling a much needed void!

  5. Very glad to have a yarn shop in close range. Best of luck to you. When is the grand opening?

    1. Thanks! Though I never say words like this, the “soft” opening (soft? all the yarn is soft!) will be August 4th or 5th. My lovely daughter is graduating in a couple of weeks and we’ll be coming home from her graduation trip on the 3rd. So, I still have to decided how much jet-lag I can handle! 🙂

  6. I’ve always said Maynard is just like Waltham, only smaller. Hope your customers follow you here and check it out. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  7. Welcome to Maynard! The town is small but friendly. I see you are just a couple doors down from my cousin’s bike shop. Stop in and tell them Frank says hello.

  8. Congratulations on finding new space and continuing to provide a “brick & mortar” shop for folks to enjoy!

  9. I’m just moving into Acton (from Phoenix Az) and the second thing I looked for near our new house, after a grocery store, was a yarn store – clearly I’m a yarn addict. At first I was sad because it looked like there was nothing nearby and then I found your store and I see you are moving pretty darn close to my soon to be house. I am so excited to come to your new store, it looks like you’ll be opening about the time I’m moving in. Yay!

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