Starting the lightening!

Now that you’ve had a few days to digest our BIG, IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT, we’re going to start the process of lightening the loads!  As the next couple of months move along, we’ll be adding more great deals, but here’s what we’re starting with.

The sale bin is now 50% off!
The weird stuff shelf and combo fibers are now 25% off!
Single patterns in the center aisle (HUGE amount of these) are just $1 each!
Books in the center aisle (also a HUGE amount) are just $5 each!
AND for the duration of our time in Waltham,for every $50 you spend on regular priced yarn, you’ll get a $5 stash cash for use from 8/1 to 11/30!!  This deal is in-store only.
*And just as a side note, our destashing service is temporarily suspending until August.  I bet you had already guess that, but just in case!

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