Just TWO WEEKS left!

The calendar is telling me CRAZY things that just can’t be true.  But, in fact, we have just TWO weeks left in Waltham!  July 23rd will be the last day that we are open at 85 River Street.  Where did the last two months go??

We’ve got more fun to add to our in-store moving deals!
Everything in the sale bin is now just $5/ball!!  And, as many of you know, I add to this almost every day!
With any $40 you spend, pick a free book from the free book bin!
When you spend $100, take a mystery grab bag for FREE!
I’ll be adding some more gorgeous samples to the sample sale today as well!
And all of this is still going as well!  – –

Noro Taiyo Sport – now 30% off
Ella Rae Sport – 25% off
Sirdar Snuggly – 25% off
Noro Shiraito – almost gone, find is on the weird stuff shelf for 25% off
Katia Triana – now 30% off
Sari Ribbon – now 30% off
Katia Bulky Cotton – 25% off
Lapin – the the sale bin, so now $5/ball
Noro Shiro – now 30% off
Noro Takeuma – now 30% off
Louisa Harding Akiko – almost gone (sob), 25% off
Katia Syros – 25% off
Katia Silk Alpaca – almost gone, 25% off
Tahki Ritratto – almost gone, 25% off
Filatura Gioello – almost gone, 25% off
Filatura Cubetto – now 30% off
Noro Taiyo Sock – now 30% off
Noro Nadeshiko – now 30% off
Noro Obi – almost gone, on the weird stuff shelf now
Debbie Bliss Roma – 25% off
Noro Cyochin  – 25% off
Island Yarn Dulcette – 25% off
Island Yarn Combo Fibers – 25% off
Juniper Moon Farm Sabine  – 25% off
Noro Rainbow Rolls  – 25% off
Filatura Operadarte – now 30% off
and more!

and LOADS of discontinued colors of yarns we love and continue to carry – 25% off

The weird stuff shelf is now 25% off!

Single patterns in the center aisle (HUGE amount of these) are just $1 each!

Books in the center aisle (also a HUGE amount) are just $5 each!

AND for the duration of our time in Waltham, for every $50 you spend on regular priced yarn, you’ll get a $5 stash cash for use from 8/1 to 11/30!!

We’ll also be leaving a new batch of surprises in Maynard mid-next week, but I’ll send you a head’s up when they are there!

And don’t forget to check out our GoFundMe page if you would like to help with the move!  We REALLY appreciate all the help many of you have already given!  There is a ways to go though, so if you haven’t checked it out…any little bit of help helps!  🙂  Thank you!

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