Reminders and more!


Today is the LAST day to sign-up for the Island of Color this time around!  Don’t miss out.  You’re going to love what’s coming!!  You’re just not gonna want to wait for this color to come out of exclusivity-time!
Our first class with Marcia Charter…Inara is starting next Wednesday!  Make sure you sign up soon so that you can get all your supplies in time!  (Don’t want to waste class time winding yarn after all!)  You can sign-up online to guarantee your spot, then pop in for supplies when it is convenient.
We’ve also got a brand new, delightful kit in store!  Come in or click here to see A Little Something Special!
We’ll also be starting clinic hours next Wednesday from 12 -1.  We’re thinking of adding another session, so if you have timing desires, let me know and we’ll see what we can do.  HELP clinic cards are available in-store for $50.  This card is for ten 15-minute bursts of help.  You can, of course, stay longer, but it may be more than one punch. We wanted to make sure those quick check-ins didn’t get too costly.
If you can’t out to Maynard as much as you would like, don’t forget to bookmark our online shop and we’ll be happy to ship to you!

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