Winners, winners all around!!

PRIZE TIME!! 🙂 Read this whole post…ok?
Because first! I want to thank you all again for visiting during the GBYC! I really can’t wait to see you all again soon because you were just the best bunch of yarn-ers out there! 🙂
Next, our finalists for the Name the New Island Yarn Color will be posted here. Hit “like” for the name(s) you like, and the name with the most likes on Friday 5pm, est will be the winner of the naming and a free skein!! We loved all the creative suggestions, but had to choose 5 finalists, so here they are (the yarn is the one in the picture.
And last, our winning numbers for our EIGHT raffle prizes are: 332523, 332085, 332497, 332428, 332461, 332035, 332706, 332113
CONGRATULATIONS to our EIGHT lucky winners!!!
Check your tickets and please bring your half back in when you come to claim your prize. Also, please come in this week to claim your prize! 🙂

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