Casting and wishlists and parking, oh my!


In these very anxiety provoking moments in time, I think we knitters and crocheters have one of the best keys to keeping sane and calm.  Politics on the radio….I know what will cure that!  This cashmere sweater I’ve been working on!  Politics on the tv….maybe that silk shawl will help!  I’ve been sort of guiltily admitting here and there that I actually love to watch election night, even though it often makes me twitchy as can be.  So, I thought it might be fun to do a VERY loose Election Night KAL.  The only rules?  Use some extra special yarn that will keep you delighted no matter what!  Maybe you’ve got one in your stash that has been laying in wait.  Maybe you’ve been dreaming about the Lhasa or our reclaimed cashmere.  It’s just the moment to reward yourself for casting your vote (and surviving the longest election season ever), cast it on, and see how this all plays out.  We’ll be on our Facebook page through the night, posting only yarny thoughts and progress pictures (no election talk….there will be plenty of that everywhere else), so come and join us!  And if you need something new and extra special, make sure you pop in today or Sunday and we’ll be happy to hook you up!
I also wanted to let you know that we’ve added a wishlist feature to our website.  Just click the heart in the listing (make sure you’ve chosen the color first) and it will be added to your wishlist.  With the holidays coming, it is a great way to share what you might really want with the well meaning non-knitters in your life who may think one ball of yarn is like all the rest.
And lastly, there have been a few tensions about parking in the building, so I’m gonna have to ask if you are staying for more than a couple of hours, to park on the street or in the lot across the street next to the bike path.  We love when you all come and sit in knit (so keep it up!), but since parking is kind of limited, there’s been a time limit put in by the landlord.  Thank you all for understanding!  🙂

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