Whoopeee! Knitter’s Crackers are back! PRE-ORDER now!

Have you popped open a cracker on Christmas and wished that your shoe-horn was a stitch marker?  Or a cute little mini-knitting kit to make a fun itty bitty knit?  (I believe I am not alone in these desires!)

This year, we at Island Yarn, have made hand-made crackers JUST for you knitters!  Filled with fun that you will appreciate even after the fun POP is done!  Each cracker contains a mini-kit, surprise notions, and much more (some things have to be a surprise, right?)  We’ve carefully planned these so that you’ll get value and fun with each pop!


And if you have lots of knitters in your life, check out our 5-pack!  (It’s buy 4, get one free!!)  Get two five-packs and you’ll also get FREE shipping!

We’ll begin shipping crackers on December 1st and we won’t ship after December 20th (even that late date makes us a little nervous about delivery, so order early so you’ll be all set!)  We are also anticipating that we might run out of these, so best to get your order in soon.

Really….knitters are mostly crackers, aren’t they?  🙂

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