It is Small Business Saturday!!!

As promised, our Knitter’s Crackers are in store now!  If you have special ordered, you can come grab your order today and if you still haven’t – come early.  I’m not sure how long they’ll last!
We like to keep things pretty low key for this post-Thanksgiving weekend, so we’ve got a few treats to keep your blood sugar up and lots of yarn to face plant into!  And just a few deals, since that’s what you do on Black Friday/Small Business Saturday!  These deal will be good through closing time on Sunday (the Giftcard one is good through Mondaymidnight, but has to be online after we close up on Sunday).
 – We’re having a kit retirement party on a few kits that we won’t be able to make anymore because the yarns are saying goodbye.  I’ve taken them offline, but I’ll link to the patterns so you can check them out.  The Buds Shawl10-minute coaster kits (great hostess gift for this party season!), Stash Sacks and Daisy Detour kits will all be 30% off through the weekend or while supplies last.  I’m pretty sad about some of these yarns leaving us, but if you come in, have a cookie and get yourself a great kit or two at a great price, I’ll know, at least, that they’ve gone to a good home.  🙂
 – Also – all sale bin yarns will be 50% off instead of our normal 30%!
 – AND – if you can get your loved ones to check in – they’ll find that if they get a $100 giftcard, they’ll end up with a $110 giftcard!  Think of the BONUS yarn you could score!  (You can get the same deal online if you click through – the $10 giftcard will come separately).
And now that Thanksgiving has passed us by, there’s no more denying it my lovelies…4 weeks until Christmas!  Get those needles and hooks and heddles motoring!!

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