100 days ~ 10 rows CHALLENGE!!

100 days ~ 10 rows CHALLENGE!!

You might not have noticed yet, but as of Sunday 9/16 – there’s 100 days until Christmas – which means a much different thing to us crafters than it does to the muggles.  We’ve decided to do a 10-row/day challenge for the next 100 days in hopes that all your gifting knits and crochets will fly off the needles and you’ll be happily engaged in selfish knitting come New Years!  Hanukkah is REALLY early this year – early December, so if you are crafting for Hannukkah – definitely join us, but just know you have about 20 days less to get through your projects.

Now, 10 rows really isn’t a lot of knitting, but if you are consistent, you’ll make gobs of great things over the course of the challenge!  For example, you could make about 20 Mason Hats!  Or 4 Evening Strolls!  Or 4 Big Fat Stratus!  Or 20 Giant Chevron Blankies!  Or, obviously, a combination of lots of things just suited to your deserving giftees.


Join the event before 9/25 at 12 Noon.  If you wait, you’ll miss a few days, so hurry – you really want to start by 9/16!  You can join by posting that “you’re in” on our Ravelry group here.  We’re using Ravelry totally for pictures and chat on this one – facebook can be cumbersome for this kind of thing.

If you are local, come by the shop and pick up a entry/checkoff sheet.  If you aren’t local, you can download and print your own here –  10rows

Check off each day you complete your ten rows, and if you want, make a note about what you worked on on your sheet.  You can combine rows across different projects, crochet and knitting, or stick to just one.

Post pictures of your ten row progress on the Ravelry Post.  You might want to get some safety pins – that way you can attach a date marker to your work and just take a picture every few days instead of having to post every day.

Tinked rows do NOT count.  Sorry!  But if you rip out and reknit, it doesn’t count toward your ten rows until you get back to where you were.

You must bring in or (email us a picture if you aren’t local) of your finished sheet by 1/6 to win our finishing prize.  You have to have done 10 rows at least 90 of the days and posted pictures, but then you’ll win!  It isn’t a drawing.  Each person to do this will receive a Island Yarn Knitting Bag with goodies inside with your next purchase in store or online.  If you are in store, just bring in your sheet!  If you aren’t local, I’ll send you a code to get your freebies online.  🙂


Though I know a couple of you are monogamous with your projects, it is good to have a couple going for this challenge, especially if you are at parts of projects where the rows are long – consider starting a scarf or hat so that you can do some shorter rows on busy days along with a few on the longer ones.

Little sticky book notes and safety pins are a great way to keep track.  Just stick a note of the date on the rows you completed each day – then you can take a picture every few days instead of posting a picture every day.

We’ll have a few prize drawings along the way for those of you who are keeping up, so pay close attention to the Ravelry group!

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